Vote: What is the worst office crime committed by your colleagues?

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In offices across the UK, I can guarantee that one of these office crimes has already been committed and probably before 10 o'clock on a Monday morning. Let's be honest our colleagues can drive us up the wall sometimes and it's only natural as we spend most of of waking day with these people. But is there one thing that really bugs you more than others? Is it the mountain of dirty dishes left by the sink or the person who uses up the last of the toilet paper and does not replace it leaving you in a bit of a awkward position.

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  LinkedIn conducted a global survey a few years ago and the results were as follows:  

linkedin Image courtesy of LinkedIn


  But what about us UK folk? What really gets on your nerves in the office? Let us know by voting below!


If you know you are a serial offender for one of these crimes, why not think before you commit next time and by doing so you will be sure to 'perk up your workplace'!