UK Coffee Week 2015 – what’s it all about?



The 4-10 May is UK Coffee Week. A week designed to celebrate the deliciousness of coffee by bringing together a variety of product offerings, activities and public events (including the London Coffee Festival) – all in aid of Project Waterfall. Project Waterfall aims to improve the lives of those living in African coffee-growing countries by giving them better hygiene and sanitisation through access to clean water. Sickness from contaminated water is a constant threat for places like Tanzania, where only 54% of the population has access to a clean water source. Even then, these people may have to walk up to two hours a day just to reach a clean source of water. So, this week is in aid of a fantastic cause. So what can you and your office do to help? Why not become a sponsor? After all, you don't want all of this to disappear, right?  

How else would you ever get through the working day without your cup of Joe!