Ugly mugs: Six coffee mugs that will freak out your colleagues



Normally the first thing people do when they get into the office is shove on the coffee machine or the kettle. However, would you consider drinking out of one of these mugs? If the answer is no, why not perk up your workplace by playing a prank on one of your colleagues? Perhaps the smokers gag mug will be enough to freak them out.  

1. Grenade mug

grenade Image courtesy of


There are few things more appropriate to freak out about than the thought of holding a grenade in your hand. I am sure your colleagues would agree!  

2.  Smokers gag mug

smokersmug Image courtesy of


Is there a certain co-worker who is always taking your coffee mug? Then why not prank them with this mug? Surely the thought of cigarette butts at the bottom of their cuppa will be enough to make sure they think twice before using your mug again.  

3. Dirty mug

41MpeAaQ2RL Image courtesy of


Would the thought of using a dirty mug unsettle a certain member of your team? This mug is perfect for toying with the mind of the office neat freak.  

4. Toilet mug

storkz Image courtesy of


This toilet mug is great for injecting some humour into your workplace. Make your colleagues do a double take when they see you sipping from this silly mug, or prank a co-worker you know has a weak stomach.  

5. Pig snout mug

pigsnoutmug Image courtesy of


This pig snout mug is a great way to make your colleagues look silly without them even noticing. It will help to lift spirits by giving the office a giggle.  

6.  Weird human mouth mugs

Shannon Lee Image courtesy of Shannon Lee


Want to make your colleagues' experience of drinking their morning coffee awkward and hilarious at the same time? Then look no further – these mugs might even freak out your colleagues so much that you won't ever be asked to make a round again!