Types of office water coolers


Having access to quality water at any time of the day, in a fast and convenient way, is a key factor for any company’s employees to refresh and hydrate well, contributing to their relaxation and well being. Office water coolers provide a solution for this problem, and there are many different types, which we examine here.

Office water coolers

Water coolers are a simple and effective system to provice water that consists on a system made of two parts: a water bottle on top and, at the bottom, two pumps (one for cool water and another one for hot water).

It works easily: just put the water bottle on an inverted position on top of the stand. When water runs out, take the bottle out and replace it with a full one. 

Water coolers connected to the public water network

Another solution, which is widespread at companies as it’s very economical and practical, are water coolers that are directly connected to the public water network. These water coolers work just like a tap or pump, but their power and height can be regulated. They are generally installed next to a wall, although there are some models that can be installed on a tabletop or near the sink. There are two types of these water coolers: conventional filtration fountains and inverse osmosis fountains.

  • Conventional filtration fountains generally use a sediment filter to eliminate the biggest particles transported by water, and encapsulated active carbon filters that get rid of chlorine, bad taste and smell. 

  • Inverse osmosis fountains are different than conventional ones because, on top of the filtration processes mentioned above, they also include a osmotic membrane which adds an additional filtration for all types of heavy metals: mercury, strontium, cadmium, aluminium, arsenic, nitrates, fluorides, etc, which are usually present in water nowadays.

The most important feature of office water coolers connected to the public water network is that, thanks to their filters, they ensure water tastes great, is safe and presents a high-quality, just like mineral water, but more economical.

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