Simple Ways To Reduce Your Office Energy Costs

Office Management

Want to save money and help the environment? Why not try some of these simple tips to reduce your office energy costs.



Heating - Attributes To A Large Portion Of Energy Bills

  • Don’t obstruct radiators with furniture or desks as this reduces the amount of heat they let out therefore it takes longer for the room to heat up.
  • Be sure to draught proof windows and doors that you may be losing heat from. Also if the heating is switched on make sure all windows and doors are closed to keep in the warmth.
  • Limit the use of portable electric heaters as these are really expensive to run, only use them in emergencies.
  • Make sure you service your boiler regularly as a poorly maintained boiler can increase heating costs by 30% or more.
  • Why not reduce heating in areas that are not occupied by staff such as store rooms. Also remember to turn off the heating when the office is vacant a perfect example of this being Christmas break.


Lighting - Accounts For 50% Of The Money Spent On Electricity In The Office

  • Encourage staff to turn off the lights when they leave a room and at the end of the day.
  • Try reducing the brightness of lights in the office or in places that are not used as often such as corridors.
  • Make use of natural light so try not to block any of the windows.
  • Replace all of the bulbs in the office with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Do you have an outside light? Do you need it on all night? Why not use a timer to switch off the lights during the night when the world is asleep.


Office Equipment - You Probably End Up Spending More On Electricity For Your Office Equipment Than It Cost To Buy

  • Switch off all electrical equipment including computers, printers and coffee machines at nights and weekends.
  • Make sure to turn off computer monitors when they are not in use for instance when you are away at lunch or in a meeting.
  • Is the person who normally drinks coffee in the office on holiday? Switching off the machine reduces electricity costs.