Seven motivational posters perfect for perking up your office walls

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I was reading an article on the Business Insider about which motivational poster Apple's design chief Jony Ive has hanging on his office wall. It got me thinking about traditional office spaces with their uninspiring white walls - they are not great for encouraging employee motivation and productivity. Why not provide your office space with some of these cool motivational posters?  

1. Today is the greatest

CDR-Today-Greatest-9x12 Image courtesy of Christopher David Ryan


Remaining positive is definitely something that can increase employee motivation. If you are having a particularly stressful day, this poster by artist Christopher David Ryan is perfect for your office wall. The bright yellow is sure to perk up your day.  

2. The right tools make all the difference

Image courtesy of Salesforce Image courtesy of Salesforce


Nicely designed posters hanging in your office can make all the difference. Salesforce have designed six posters with the hope that they'll help motivate your team. This one is my favourite as the colour can provide a calming aura when your are feeling busy.  

3. Give it all you got

Image courtesy of Paper Jam Press Image courtesy of Paper Jam Press


Sometimes simple words of encouragement are all you really need to fuel your motivation. Perhaps this black and white letterpress poster by Paper Jam Press will do just that.  

4. Make it happen

10-motivational-posters-make-happen Image courtesy of Successories


If you have been working in offices for the past 20 years then you may remember the trend of these motivational posters from the 90s. They all followed the same structure of having a black border with large text and an inspirational photograph. Although these now seem really dated, they could still provide your office with that little bit of extra motivation.  

5. Work hard & be nice to people

Image courtesy of Anthony Burrill Image courtesy of Anthony Burrill


This poster by British Graphic Designer Anthony Burrill is a perfect motto for any office. If you do these two things then your office environment will definitely improve along with your productivity.  

6. Set goals, reach, repeat

Image courtesy of StartupVitamins Image courtesy of StartupVitamins


We have featured this poster's motto before in a previous post, however it was in mug form! Whatever format it's in, this quote is perfect for the modern office. It's a great rule to live by, especially if you are feeling unmotivated and unproductive.  

7. Given enough coffee, anything is possible

Image courtesy of printdesignstudio Image courtesy of printdesignstudio


We all know the important role coffee plays in office culture.  So if you're the office coffee addict, this poster is the one for you!   Do you have a motivational poster hanging in your office or have I missed your favourite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!