Setting Office Goals: 3 Top Tips For Success

Office Management


As the head of any business, it’s easy to get bogged down by your daily jobs and lose sight of the bigger picture - but if you want your company to progress, you should be constantly striving to improve your team. We’ve gathered together some top tips from managers at other thriving businesses, as well as some handy hints of our own, to help you and your team on the path to success. 1 1. Develop as a team At the heart of any successful business is a strong, well connected team - and as the Senior Digital Marketing Executive at The Eventa Group, Tom Bourlet believes that “collective thinking and collaboration” are major contributors in helping companies meet their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). “Our SEO experts perform research into packages that have a decent search volume or which have been increasing in demand. This is then forwarded to the Product team, who will find relevant suppliers for us to feature on the site. Our content manager will then produce content on the package and the supplier, while also forwarding content on to the PR and Social managers. “The head of Social then builds a weekly campaign around the new supplier, potentially running a competition to increase interest and awareness - while our PR manager will help to increase awareness through related articles which highlight the package. Following on from all of this, our email marketing manager will run a number of emails to our subscribers, while our sales team will receive a presentation - educating them on the new supplier.” With this approach, each team is aware of how other parts of the business are influencing their workload and this allows them to work together more cohesively. This type of cross-department communication paves the way for a more fluid workplace, as all sectors of the company work together in synergy to reach one common goal: effective and efficient business.    

2. Encourage regular check-ins

Director of Journolink, Gemma Guise, also believes that team communication is key to success - and that regular check-ins are an integral part of development.   "In order to achieve KPIs, we make sure we have great communication throughout the team, with weekly meetings to discuss everyone's individual actions, as well as actions for the company. We share ideas no matter how outrageous and support each other if someone needs a helping hand. We also like to socialise outside of the office to further the relationship of the team."   This approach to business operations encourages strong relationships across all departments and nurtures a sense of trust within the team. Weekly meetings also allow management to keep up to date with everyday activity - as well as giving the team the opportunity to flag up any issues as and when they arise. This way, actionable strategies can be implemented to ensure that the performance of each individual and the team as a whole work in cohesion to maximise productivity. Whether it’s team meetings or individual 121s, regular check-ins also allow you to set goals which you have agreed on - and monitor their progress at agreed intervals.  

3. Mix up your management skills

There’s no getting away from it: as the head of your team, you need to lead by example - and while that may seem obvious, it’s easier said than done. In our post on employee productivity, we discussed why good management matters and why you should be implementing the changes you want to see in your team. As the manager of any company, you are responsible for the productivity of the business as a whole, but this starts with the individuals in your team. From taking an interest in their health to actively addressing the work-life balance of all employees, the attention you pay to your team will have a direct effect on performance.   When it comes to managing your staff, remember that change can be good - and whether the idea comes from you or a team member, implementing new strategies can help you grow as a business. In our post on boosting productivity, we explored the welcome impact that taking a breather can have on professional performance. So whether it’s encouraging your staff to take lunch breaks or installing a water cooler so they can have regular time-outs and unlimited access to H2O, the input you have on your team’s day to day will help to guarantee you meet your KPIs.   2 If you’re looking for ways to encourage workplace success, get back to basics and make sure your staff are healthy, happy and hydrated by installing an Eden Springs eco-friendly water cooler in your office - providing your employees with unlimited H2O proven to keep their brains active and productive.