Run With Mark – 50 Marathons Later

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Mark Cooper has completed 50 marathons.

Mark Cooper has just completed his incredible 50 marathon endurance programme in benefit of the charity Headway, and Eden Springs has helped support Mark through our Charity Water programme. We caught up with Mark to ask a few questions about the experience: So, Mark, how does it feel to be finished? It's surreal; strange not to go and run. Did you meet your L25,000 goal? We raised that and there's more to come in. It looks like we will raise over L30,000. What was your best experience during the runs? Crossing from France to Spain via an unofficial border crossing at the top of the Pyrenees. I'd been in France for so long. Once I got there I knew I would finish the marathons. And your worst experience? In terms of running, it was after the first marathon. I had a pain in my ankle and thought it would be over before I'd done anything. I saw a physio, got it sorted and after that had no problems. There was also the night when the couple in the next room got a bit noisy. When I banged on the wall, they threatened us with a knife! Can you comment on the support you have had from Eden Springs? The biggest thing is being properly hydrated, otherwise you're not performing to the best of your abilities. It was great to know it was all taken care of. It was the perfect amount of drinking water, and the support on Twitter and Facebook was great too. How has this experience affected you? I'm much happier, relaxed and more focused than before through running. If I can go from smoking 30 a day and drinking to this, anyone can do it. What's next, Mark? I won't stop now. Anything's possible now.  There's a record for running 248 miles without stopping; I'll try to break that, though that's a few months down the line and I'll need to train for it. I'm also looking to motivate young people to get fit and focus on where they go in life through fitness. Any final words of advice? I would encourage anyone who has a dream or a goal not to listen to what others have to say – believe in yourself, look within. A friend says 'if you can dream it it's possible' and I think that's right.

Help Mark by getting a water cooler

If you're connected to Mark Cooper, when you or your company installs an Eden Springs water cooler we'll donate L30 to his chosen charity every time! Visit our charity water donation page for information. Keep up with Mark on the RunWithMark site or on Twitter and Facebook. And don’t forget to check out our free water programme for your own fundraising efforts.