Powwow water coolers: Eden rescue and what you need to know


After the collapse of cooler company Powwow Water, Eden Springs have worked with the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) to come to the rescue and take ownership of all Powwow water coolers. This will help ensure that all former Powwow customers have continued and uninterrupted access to fresh drinking water.

Powwow water cooler customers – what you need to know

Eden Springs and the BWCA are collaborating to transfer you to a new water supplier – all Powwow contract have been reassigned to Eden Springs or an approved BWCA member to help ensure a smooth, legal and professional transition. If you have a former Powwow water cooler:

  1. Your water cooler contract will have been assigned to Eden Springs Ltd or a participating BWCA distributor member with immediate effect

  2. The BWCA and Eden Springs believe that is the most responsible solution for customers, suppliers and the industry at this difficult time.
  3. Your water cooler equipment is now under ownership of Eden Springs

  4. Any companies taking over Powwow accounts should not remove water cooler equipment without first consulting Eden Springs; any removal will be seen as theft.
  5. If you have any queries about the account transfer

  6. Please contact the BWCA or Eden Springs.