Perk up your workplace with these silly office pranks



Are you having a bad case of the Mondays? Could you and your colleagues do with a good laugh? Why don't you perk up the office with some of these silly workplace pranks?

WARNING: Workplace pranks can be inappropriate and/or hazardous! We suggest only targeting colleagues with a good sense of humour and those who know how to take a joke.

One or two light-hearted pranks every week could brighten up your day and make that tough working week more bearable. Here is a list of our prank ideas to get you inspired:

1. There's no point crying over spilt coffee

We all have that one colleague who cannot function without their morning cup of Joe, right? So why not make them think their precious cup of coffee has ended up all over their desk? All you need is hot gun glue and some Liquitex professional acrylic ink. Simple!

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2. Show them the blue screen of death

This prank is simple, speedy and relies upon one of the most terrifying things that could happen to your work computer. Want to panic your colleagues into thinking they've lost all their work? All you need to do is download the blue screen of death screen saver onto their computer and set it as their wallpaper. Wait for them to come back to their desk, find that their computer appears to have crashed and watch them freak out. 

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3. Make their stationary jiggle

If you have a bit more time on your hands, why not try this classic office prank? All you need to do is set your colleague's favourite stapler, pen or mug in a bowl of jelly and watch them squirm when they have to pull it out in the morning.

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4. Make sure they get the message

Do you have an abundance of Post-It notes on your hands and some time to kill? Then this is the perfect office prank for you. Target the person who takes pride in the cleanliness of their desk and watch them have a meltdown when they return from a meeting to find their cubicle covered in Post-It notes.

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5. Everybody loves mustard cupcakes, right?

It can be the highlight of the week when a colleague brings in some baked goods for the office. To upset a few and get some classic reactions from others, all you need to do is add some yellow mustard to your cupcake frosting instead of food colouring.

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6. Kill their mouse

This sneaky trick is a classic and can be done when your colleague has popped off to the loo. Simply put a tiny piece of Sellotape over the optical sensor on their mouse and laugh while you watch them try to figure out why the mouse has suddenly stopped working.

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