Our Bottled / Mains-Fed Water Cooler Range

Which Cooler is for you?

Eden Springs have a wide ranging set of Water Coolers to suit all different businesses and domestic environments. To help you decide which one will be most suited to your needs we have explained each in detail to hopefully make that all-important decision a lot easier.



Eden Desktop

Our Desktop water cooler is perfect for those with a smaller office or a kitchen worktop. Its compact design will save you that much needed space, so that you can use the area for other pieces of furniture. Just like our Eden Fleet Range, it’s quiet, efficient and hard-wearing.





Eden Fleet

The Fleet bottled water cooler projects a simple look which can fit into any office environment. It also has the advantages of being rather robust, quiet and cost-effective. These are the three main reasons that many people choose this reliable, floor standing machine.





Eden Oasis Graphite

If you’re looking for a cooler which looks attractive, offers a sleek, stylish design and provides you with great tasting Eden Springs water, then this is the one for you! The Eden Oasis Graphite is like many of our coolers - floor standing and provides you with hot and cold water depending on your needs.




The Eden Ebac F-max

The Eden Fmax is manufactured in Britain by Ebac. This water cooler has Ebac’s patented WaterTrail technology. This is known for being the most successful sanitisation technology in the world, making this one of the most hygienic water coolers available. We rank this as the best bottled water cooler that we provide.






Bottled or Mains-Fed


The Storm

We class the Storm as one of our ‘better’ water coolers. The storm is the only cooler in our range which is versatile, giving you the option to choose whether you’d like it bottle-fed or mains-fed. The Storm’s award winning design can provide this choice because it is bottom-loading, and the unique cabinet with a sliding front door hides the bottle. This is advantageous as it means there’s no more lifting heavy bottles on top of the machine. It also has a bottle change indicator, so that you don’t need to keep checking whether the bottle is empty.





Ebac E-Max

Similar to our Ebac F-max bottled water cooler, the E-max also has Ebac’s patented WaterTrail technology. Different to any of our other coolers, it has a vacuum insulated hot tank meaning it is 30x more energy efficient. The E-max has twin, easy to load integrated cup dispensers alongside hygienic dispense levers, preventing water contamination by hands. Overall this is one of our dependable low-cost options to consider. 



Eden Ebac Fleet

A newer edition to our Ebac family is the top of the range, plumbed-in cooler which has a touch button display – The Ebac Fleet! The Fleet incorporates ice bank and direct chill technology, offering the perfect drinking experience every time. This is the machine to choose for optimum performance and reliability.





Eden Unlimited Touch

Our best mains-fed cooler is the Unlimited Touch and that’s all down to its technology and functionality. As the name suggests this lovely machine has a touch response interface, designed for clarity and ease of use. This efficient, durable cooler provides an unlimited supply of clean, filtered water. If you’re looking for a professional, innovative machine the Unlimited Touch is the one to choose!





If you are interested in any of these machines please call: 0845 528 0742 for advice and quotations