Oikos - A New Way To Reuse Water Cooler Bottles


A fun, innovative project is springing up in London this summer, and Eden Springs is a part of it. We're supplying empty water bottles to the Oikos Project, which is creating a fully functional theatre made of recycled and reclaimed materials. The Jellyfish Theatre is being built on a playground in Southwark and will be open to the public at the end of August. At the same time, the Red Room company has commissioned two playwrights, Kay Adshead and Simon Wu, to write plays to be performed in the venue.

A Water Cooler wall – or not!

The original plans called for an entire wall of the theatre to be made from empty water cooler bottles, but because of health and safety considerations Eden Springs' water cooler bottles are instead being used for decoration. They've been sent out to dozens of Southwark students who have transformed the ordinary bottles into objects of beauty, showing that a little creativity goes a long way. Inspiring, isn't it?

Focus on reusing resources

According to Ben Melchiors, Project Manager at the Red Room: "Our main goal is to focus on reusing materials, how we build and utilize resources and particularly how the average person can do something about climate change." And it seems to be working - the project has had 72 volunteers working on site, plus dozens of others in other locations. The construction phase is scheduled to end on August 20, with shows running in the theatre until October 9. The theatre will then be dismantled from 11–24 October.

Get a donation for your charity now!

Eden Springs is happy to support the Oikos Project, as well as other charity ventures. You can raise money for your favourite charity every time an Eden Springs water cooler is installed through our charity water donation page. We’ll donate L30 for each and every cooler installed following a fundraiser’s recommendation and we also supply free water for fundraisers, so tell your friends, family and workplace about Eden! (Photo by Maja Mysliborska)