Office in small place: ideas to make the most of it


An office in a small place gives you a chance to create a cosy place in an economic and simple way. Imagination is a basic element to creatively generate a place where you spend many hours working every day. Find out about some tricks in our article ‘Office in small place: ideas to make the most of it’!

An office in a small place: ideas for a cosy workplace

An office is a space where getting work done must be the focus. You might need different types of furniture depending on your work routine but no matter how small your office space is, it must have the following elements:

1. Work tables

Your office should have enough space to include as many tables as people working in it. If there’s not a lot of room for them, try lighter colours that will bring in a feeling of wideness and airness. 

2. Storage space

Storage is key. Make some room for shelves that can also be used to separate different spaces. If possible, use them so that what’s behind is visible, approaching space as an open concept. 

3. Mobility

Having enough room to stretch your legs is essential. Mobility in an office can guarantee that workers feel comfortable in a space.

4. Ventilation

Ventilation in a small room is crucial so the right conditions are reached during working hours. Access to daylight and fresh air are especially important if work is done next to other people or using computers. 

5. Comfortable chairs

Health must be a top priority and it’s quite likely that the workplace will need the right kind of chairs according to what the job demands. They don’t need to take up a lot of space: there are many types of chair designs that can be the right type for an office in a small place.

6. Eden's water dispensers

Drinking water keeps us ready to work in an office every day. Facilitating access to water (both hot and cold) through a water dispenser boosts productivity and takes up almost no space. Water dispensers become an ally that everyone is thankful to have access to in an office. 

7. Plants

They add colour to the ambience in a therapeutic and healthy way. Some plants help refreshing the atmosphere and even absorb radiation from computer screens.

8. Smooth ambient music

Music can build up a welcoming atmosphere. Choose the right type of music according to your professional activity and create a casual and friendly atmosphere even for small offices.

9. A refrigerator

It’s important to have access to a small fridge where lunch or snacks can be kept safely. Depending on your needs, this is also a place where you can store some beverages to offer to potential clients or visits, as well as food, in order to make sure you keep a healthy and balanced diet.

Plants, the right kind of furniture, music, water dispensers… In ‘Office in small place: ideas to make the most of it’ we thought of these elements that we believe could work. What would your ideal office look like? What element should not be missing in your perfect office? Tell us about it in the comments section below!