New research suggests coffee machines increase office productivity

Health & Well Being at Work


As experts in office coffee and hydration Eden Springs have long known the value of coffee and water breaks in revitalising and energising employees. Now, new research is scientifically proving that well-designed drinks areas offering quality coffee and other hot beverages can improve workplace productivity. According to Sociometric Solutions, a workplace consulting firm, it's not just the coffee but the quality of the coffee and the desire to sit, collaborate and recharge with colleagues that gives new meaning to the term "coffee break". “Being able to spend time with a close group of people makes people happy and effective at work," Dr. Ben Waber, president and CEO of Sociometric told the New York Times recently. “A well-designed beverage area is a surprisingly important contributor to productivity”.

Performance and relationships

Research showed that when workers had a place to mingle, seek help from one another, brainstorm and in general collaborate, the results were improved morale, increased collaboration and better performance. Today’s business coffee machines produce quality coffees in a wide array of styles and with prices to suit all pockets. The sound of freshly roasted beans being ground and the smell of fresh coffee brewing are important in the workplace even before the first sip of coffee is taken. Office drinks areas are all about getting people up from their desks, to enter a place with cafe-like qualities where new ideas can be discussed and relationships built. In today’s work place, good coffee can make all the difference.

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