The new office must have: The tea calendar

Office Management


Tea is a staple of British society and a beverage enjoyed by millions of people across the globe every day. If you are someone who cannot function in the morning without a cup of tea then you are in luck. German based tea manufacturer Hälssen & Lyon has designed and created a yearly tea calendar.  The calendar consists of '365 calendar pages formed from tea, pressed very thinly and delicately flavoured'.   qKMiFQN E6bFxeY They provide you with a step by step guide on how to brew your tea, which is pretty much the same as if using a tea bag.

Step 1: Boil the kettle


Step 2: Tear off today's date

Step 3: Immerse the tea in boiling water


Step 4: Wait for the tea to brew


Step 5: Enjoy!

tbhVebC Would one of these calendars perk up your office and be appreciated by your colleagues?