The Moon – a new water source?


At Eden Springs, we were intrigued by recent reports about the amount of water on the moon. The background to this is that last year, NASA searched for water on the moon. Well, they didn't so much search, as blast a crater and create a splash - a big splash. Original estimates were that the resultant crater (on the dark side of the moon) contained 41 gallons of ice and vapour. While that doesn't sound too exciting, it's a lot of water for somewhere that was previously considered a water-free zone. And there's more, because there's new data from the crater. It seems that the plume blown up by the impact contained 5.5% of water-ice (by weight).  Still not excited? Wait till you hear this - conservative estimates of the amount of water in just the 10km around the impact site put the amount at a billion gallons of water - and that's nothing to sniff at. That's enough water to fill 1,500 Olympic sized swimming pools and provide more than enough hydration for any future moon explorers. Who knows? Maybe one day Eden Springs will be providing bottled water coolers on the moon!