Lochwinnoch: Scottish water for Scottish customers


All Eden Springs customers benefit from cool, refreshing water sourced locally, including those north of the Border. We take our responsibility to the environment seriously, and ensure that water travels the minimum distance possible before it refreshes and hydrates you! Our customers all across Scotland – from Glasgow to Edinburgh, Highlands to the Borders – receive water sourced beneath the picturesque countryside at the foot of the Renfrewshire Hills, near the country's second largest regional park – the Clyde Muirshiel.

Water delivery across Scotland

The water from the Renfrewshire aquifer is transported to Eden's Blantyre Headquarters near Glasgow, where the water is bottled and filtered for purity. From there we deliver and install your cooler anywhere in the Glasgow region – in fact anywhere across Scotland! If you're using a bottled water cooler than we also supply a free scheduled delivery service, replacing and replenishing your water supply promptly and easily whenever you need it. So when you're looking for a water cooler company in Scotland, look no further than the pure Scottish water of Eden Springs!