Iced Coffee Proves to Be a Hot Topic


When it comes to work, late nights and early starts can take their toll - and many of us struggle to get through the working day without at least one cup of coffee. With 54% of people drinking coffee in America alone, 60% of those claim to need the alluring aroma of caffeine to kickstart their day. But while a hot brew has long been a much-loved beverage, it seems that iced coffee is fast becoming a firm favourite both in Britain and across the pond. Blending caffeine with cool refreshment, is iced coffee the ultimate drink for all occasions? Opinion is divided - and in today’s post, we’re diving into the reasons why having your morning coffee over ice is causing so much controversy.  


The scary stats

In a previous post discussing how your brain becomes addicted to coffee, we looked at how moderating our caffeine intake can have a positive effect in the workplace - and it seems cold coffee drinks are becoming just as popular as the hot stuff. In the US, a survey carried out on 1500 coffee drinkers revealed that 75% now drink their coffee both hot and cold. Over the years, health professionals and the media alike have debated the effect caffeine can have on our bodies - but with the BBC recently revealing that coffee drinkers have cleaner arteries, perhaps more of us should be kickstarting our days with a cup of joe.  

Switch with the seasons

Indulging in a mug of coffee can be a great way to beat away those winter blues and warm you up in the workplace, but what about when summer strikes? Once the weather hots up, many of us face the annual dilemma of switching our caffeine fix in favour of a more refreshing beverage - but an iced coffee caters to all tastes, whatever the weather. Whether it’s popping out for a latte on your lunch or home-brewing your iced mocha before work, there are tons of ways to enjoy your cold cuppa - and it doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. Brew your beans, pour over rocks and you’re set!  

The cost of keeping cool

An iced drink can be a welcome treat on a warm day, but your cool coffee will come at a price - and that price is steadily climbing. While a hot drink can be picked up for small change, a cold coffee is a different story. Taking the lead from American chains, UK coffee shops have jumped aboard the iced coffee bandwagon - and as the drink grows in popularity, the price will grow too. From the plastic cup it’s served in to the straw we drink it from, iced coffee costs more to serve and, therefore, more to buy. Where do you stand on the great iced coffee debate? If you prefer your coffee piping hot, invest in one of Eden Springs’ eco-friendly office coffee machines - guaranteed to give you and your team a well-earned pick-me-up throughout the working day.