How much energy do you have at work this week?

Health & Well Being at Work


Here at Eden one of our main focuses is helping businesses feel more energised and productive. To find out how energised the nation feels at work, we decided to run a UK-based survey asking one simple question:

"How much energy do you have at work this week?"

Respondents were asked to answer on a 1 - 10 rating scale (where 1 is feeling very unmotivated and 10 is feeling very productive). Here is what we found out:  



  • Over half (51.5%) of UK respondents are running on half a tank of gas! They answered between 1 and 5 on the scale, therefore are not feeling very energised or motivated! Perhaps they are not drinking enough water.
  • Men answered higher on the scale than women: 5.7/10 versus 4.8/10.
  • The most productive region in the UK is Northern Ireland with respondents answering an average of 6.2/10.
  • The least motivated region is North West England with respondents answering an average of 4.3/10.
  • The young ones (people between 18 and 24 years old) are the least motivated of the bunch, answering 5.4/10 on the scale, whereas people aged 35 - 44 answered the highest at 5.9/10 on the scale.

  We know that motivating your employees is no easy task and that every business owner wants to create a motivated and productive workforce. Luckily for you, we have put together ‘The Ultimate Employee Motivation Guide’. This guide covers topics from how to have a happy team, how to use technology to strive your business and how to create the perfect work-life balance for your employees. Why not have a read and see if any of these tips can help you and your co-workers? Or, if you don’t want to read it all at once, over the next two weeks we will be publishing each chapter individually. Perfect bite-sized information for the morning coffee break!