The Happy Marriage of Coffee & Work



The unbreakable bond between coffee and work is a fundamental part of modern civilisation, a pairing so perfect it’s infiltrated the very core of today’s working world. Employees looking to supplement their workload with something a little tastier have found the rewards of a nice hot brew and show no signs of quitting the caffeine. So we know that coffee and work is a long-term love affair - but what’s their origin story, and what exactly makes this love such a big one?

CoffeePerformance Power

Coffee is proven to have a direct and significant effect on employee performance, with a daily caffeine fix making a huge impact on office output. Caffeine gives your employees the vital energy required to cope with heavy workloads, allowing them to perform effectively and productively. The caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream within in a matter of minutes, and the resulting energy can last for several hours. The jolt that an early morning brew sends into our central nervous systems keeps us awake and alert - in our most productive state - and leaves the mind clear, logical and prime for working performance. Not only that, but coffee can even alleviate the everyday aches and pains associated with office work - in the neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists - leaving staff pain-free and on top form throughout the day.  

Coffee Culture

The 21st century institution that is the coffee break dates back to the mid-20th century, with the regime made a part of many working contracts following WWII. Today the office coffee break is both a standard and essential component of every employee’s working day, offering a chance to socialise amongst their colleagues, hydrating and mentally refuelling in the process. These regular breaks allow workers to get their productivity-propelling caffeine fix in short and frequent bursts throughout the day - making for a workforce that is satisfied and stimulated at all times. And for those of you who are partial to a casual coffee house rendezvous, you’ll be pleased to hear that even this has the scientific justifications to back it up. A low to moderate level of ambient sound, rather than distracting workers, is actually proven to boost creativity - making coffee shops an ideal location for some out-of-office brainwaves.  

Health Benefits

In addition to the undeniable professional and social benefits of the office coffee, the relationship between coffee and work even boasts some hefty health benefits on top. Drinking four or more cups of coffee a day can decrease your risk of contracting diabetes by as much as 50%, while female employees drinking at least three each day are less likely to develop skin cancer later in life. In a more everyday sense, caffeinated workers make for contented workers - with caffeine sending more fatty acids into the old bloodstream to be absorbed and used for energy, fighting the inertia often associated with the working day. Better yet, even the sweet scent of a hot cup of coffee can fight the stress resulting from sleep deprivation - powerful stuff. The relationship between coffee and work is one that’s built to last, offering employees the world over a reliable pick-me-up with some rather hefty long-term benefits - and it’s not hard to see why this is a societal bond that can’t be broken. If you’re ready to give your employees the coffee machine of their dreams, Eden Springs can help. We provide offices throughout the UK with eco-friendly coffee solutions with the power to maximise your business’s productivity - and keep your workforce happy and hydrated all day long.

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