Happy Christmas, Happy Team

Office Management
Health & Well Being at Work


Christmas is an exciting time of year, with an extra sprinkle of joy and excitement in the air. However, with this atmosphere comes the inevitable stress that the holiday period puts on employees - as they struggle to fit all the planning and organisation required into their jam-packed schedules. This can then seriously weaken the motivation and productivity of your workforce. The morale of your employees is vital to the success of your business, and an unhappy workforce will see profits plummet through inefficiency and high staff turnover. One of the best ways to keep employees happy over Christmas is to give them a long break, with time to relax and recharge - that way they’ll then return to work in the new year fighting fit and ready for action.  

Work-Life Balance

The importance of the work-life balance is a highly underrated issue that many companies don’t actively encourage to maximise the productivity of their employees. Overworking staff may work for your business in the short term, but in the long term it could have serious negative consequences. Employees who work too hard will experience burn-out, which is a serious issue that can lead to sickness and months off work - due to either mental or physical illness. A major Canadian study by Carleton University's Linda Duxbury found that 57% of those surveyed felt stressed at work, and work-life conflict was heavily associated with illness and absenteeism. This is not only important to keep employees healthy, but also a vital component of a successful career.

Keep Your Staff Healthy

Christmas may not be considered the healthiest time of year, but a bit of free time will allow employees to put into practice lifestyle changes that will see their productivity boom. Many people relish their days off as a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep, which is vital to keep you functioning. No amount of coffee can serve as a substitute for a good sleeping pattern! Christmas is often seen as an acceptable time for binge eating, but it can also be an ideal opportunity to make healthy diet adjustments, albeit not on days where you’re presented with any amount of festive treats. Eating well will keep you happier, healthier and full of energy. In the winter, the darkness creeps in a lot earlier and employees are more likely to swap a post-work gym session for the comfort of their couch. Time off over the Christmas period offers ample free time for exercise and to pursue activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This is vital, as a healthy workforce takes fewer sick days - benefiting your organisation in the long run and ensuring that your team’s time is used as effectively as possible. The benefits of giving your workforce a long break over Christmas are obvious - allowing them to recharge and spend time with their families, in what is a very special time of year for so many. That way, your staff will return in the new year happy, relaxed and raring to go.