Get Out of the Office: Exploring Team-Building Events

Office Management


As the weather warms up, we office workers often find ourselves longingly staring out of the window and wishing we’d chosen a career outdoors - but you’ll be pleased to know there are many ways to combine work and play. If basking in the sun on a thirty minute lunch break doesn't quite pacify your team. The office atmosphere can sometimes be oppressive and, at times, overwhelming - and rather than encouraging productivity, spending excessive periods of time behind a desk can actually stunt your team’s development. If you want to boost morale with a break from the norm and inject some energy into your team, we’ve gathered together some of Britain’s best corporate events to give you a few ideas.   zipline-168019_1280

Go Ape

Go Ape has 28 locations throughout the UK, meaning there’s sure to be a nearby adventure waiting for you and your team. From segwaying through the forest to enjoying a tree top adventure, Go Ape can help you tailor your corporate event to your requirements - guaranteeing you and your team a truly memorable day out. Bonus point: Leave your responsibilities in the office and let a Go Ape host take charge - this gives you a chance to bond with your team and enjoy the experience just as much as them.  

Get Out the Office

Get Out the Office allows you and your team to do just that: get out of the office and into the open air. With plenty of fun-filled games to get involved in, your team are guaranteed an action-packed day away from the monotony of the 9-5. If you don't feel like travelling, they can come to you - helping you avoid the fuss of travelling and find a place nearby to enjoy your staff day out. Bonus point: Inspire trust and confidence by having your employees participate in a range of team-building tasks.  

Fradley Croft Events

If you’re looking to escape the office, you can head to Middleton House Farm in Warwickshire to enjoy a truly bespoke day of team-building -  or, for a spot closer to home, pick your venue and allow Fradley Croft Events to do the rest. From icebreaker tasks to encouraging team spirit, they’ve got you covered, Bonus point: With plenty of hotels nearby, you can enjoy your team-building day and then bond over beers in the evening - all without the worry of travelling home.   go-kart-track-501803_1280

Haywood Oaks Activity Centre

For a fun day out that’s also guaranteed to benefit your team, head to Haywood Oaks Activity Centre. With activities ranging from go-karting and archery to tank driving and clay shooting, this is a great opportunity to break down the barriers and get your team bonding. Bonus point: If you fancy combining business with pleasure, make the most of your trip by taking advantage of one of the free on-site meeting rooms.  


Based in London, Chillisauce events have popped up all over the country - and even abroad! With such a wide range of events available to choose from, you and your team can harness your creativity with a Dragons’ Den themed task, or get strategic with a roller coaster challenge. Bonus point: If your team are the competitive types, surprise them with an ‘It’s a Knockout’ event to encourage some friendly employee rivalry.   From fun-filled events in the countryside to competitive game shows close to home, team-building days offer a welcome break from the norm - but they’re likely to be rare occurrences. If you want to help your team be healthier all year round, you can start by making small changes guaranteed to have a big impact on their working day. From encouraging al fresco lunch breaks to installing a water cooler in the office, a healthier approach to the working day will help your staff stay alert and improve workplace productivity all-round. If you’re interested in improving the health of your team, get back to basics by making sure they stay hydrated throughout the working day. By investing in one of Eden Springs’ eco-friendly water coolers, you can take a proactive approach to keeping your staff healthy and hydrated.