Generic v brand name coffees – is there a difference?


Shopping for coffee can be a somewhat confusing experience; some may even say that it can be an intimidating experience. You're presented with a large display of various generic coffees and brand name coffees that are packaged in bold, colourful containers, or in plain, practical containers.  There is regular coffee. There is decaffeinated coffee. There is pre-ground coffee. There is whole-bean coffee. All of these types of coffees are available in generic and brand names.

'Generic' coffees

Generic v Brand Name Coffees - Is There a Difference?

With the increase in own-brand products over the past several years, consumers have discovered that the quality and taste of some coffees that lack big-name support may rival the quality and taste of the popular, brand-name coffees. Brand name coffee drinkers can be turned and save money into the bargain.

Unfortunately, this discovery is a trial and error process. You'll not know until you take a chance and try other coffees, and the likelihood is it won't be as good. Brand products are often popular for a reason! One helpful tip is to read the packaging information: sometimes a name-brand coffee manufacturer will produce under a range of names in an effort to expand their market and focus their product on a different consumer group, and you still get the big-brand quality.

Brand name coffees

There are some brand name coffees that have been around for years, and consumers have grown up with them in their homes – they're almost members of the family! Many consumers like getting the same smooth, rich flavour for which these coffees are recognized and applauded. Some consumers shop by name brand only because of the level of trust.

To add to this, if you want to benefit from great business coffee machines they won't use any old coffee – quality, easy-to-use coffee machines are engineered to use the best brand-name coffees from respected names like Kenco and Lavazza. Quite simply if you want quality and convenience for your office, the big brands are absolutely the way to go. The prices are competitive and well worth it for the level of research and development that's put into making a great product.


The art of discovering the brand of coffee (whether it is generic or name brand) that will indulge your senses is similar to walking a tight rope.  If you are willing to take a risk and try a different brand of coffee, you could be pleasantly surprised or sadly disappointed.  Coffee tastes are subjective, so what pleases one coffee drinker may not please another coffee aficionado.  Therefore, word-of-mouth, taste tests and/or product reviews may not be the best guide to finding the coffee brand that works for you.

If you are still searching for the right brand of coffee to suit your taste buds and your budget, feel free to be brave and explore your options.  You'll always know your favourite brands are waiting for you, and may be the coffee you were looking for all along...


Image: crstnblue/Flickr