Four ways to improve your desk lunch

Health & Well Being at Work


Lunchtime is the time of the working day that most people look forward to, just for the chance of getting away from your desk and catching some fresh air. However, these days 54% of office workers are so busy that they end up eating lunch at their desks. Whenever possible, it is always best to get away from your desk and take a break at lunchtime, as this aids productivity. But if carrying on working is unavoidable, here are some ways to improve the experience:  

1. Dine like a Royal

Let's face it, food always tastes better when it is eaten with proper cutlery and off a proper plate. Plastic cutlery just doesn't feel the same. Royal dining etiquette expert William Hanson believes that "If you use proper cutlery and tableware, it feels more like you're having a proper break." So why not give it a try?  

2. Eat healthy

Fresh, homemade food is always going to satisfy your belly more than a pre-packaged sandwich from the nearest shop. So it is always a good idea to plan ahead; why not make a simple, healthy salad like this spinach and mozzarella one the night before?  

3. Snack to the max

The guys over at Foodbeast have put together some tips to help you upgrade your desk lunch!   [embed][/embed]  

4. End your lunch properly

When dining out in a restaurant, many people finish their meal with a coffee or a peppermint tea. so why not do the same in the office? This might help to relax you and put you in the perfect mindset to power through the afternoon.