Festive Fixes: Perk Up Your Office This Christmas

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With the Christmas countdown in full swing, now’s the time to inject your office with a dose of festive cheer - and what better way to do that than with a host of Christmas pick-me-ups? Whether you’re feeling festive or need to convert the office Scrooge, the solution is to get creative - and we’ve got your Christmas cheat sheet right here, so your team can have one cracker of a holiday season.  

The Christmas Playlist

Nothing brings the festive cheer like a meticulously crafted Christmas playlist - and the moment the first Christmas classic echoes through the office, your employees are guaranteed to get a serious case of the fuzzies. By carefully constructing a medley of the biggest festive hits, some old-school favourites and a stack of guilty pleasures, you can be sure your Christmas playlist will thaw even the coldest winter-time workplace.   EdenChristmas1  

Festive DIY

Your staff can’t be expected to feel festive without some suitably Christmassy office decor. We aren’t suggesting you construct an in-office Santa’s Grotto (mainly because we’d be envious), but a touch of holiday handicraft can bring a burst of warmth to any office. Our favourite DIY Christmas crafts include festive garlands and bunting - and, obviously, a nice big office Christmas tree.  

Secret Santa

Generosity breeds festivity - and organising a Secret Santa in your office is a fantastic way of bringing some Christmas kindness to your workplace. Set a spending limit, dish out the recipients’ names and get creative! Secret Santa is a prime opportunity for some office bonding, with thoughtful and unique gifts bringing employees together and getting everyone into the holiday spirit - as well as offering a welcome and timely boost to office morale. Plus it gives you a chance to practise your budget shopping skills before the adventure that is Christmas shopping begins.   EdenChristmas2  

Yuletide Treats

It’s definitely not Christmas without an assortment of decadent goodies - and a touch of home-baked loveliness could be just the thing to help your team access their festive cheer. Gingerbread is non-negotiable, and with a range of Christmas-themed recipes up for grabs, including cookies, cakes and candy, you’ll have your employees mouths watering this festive season. And, of course, nothing goes with baked goodies quite like a nice hot brew. At Eden Springs, we never underestimate the power of a piping hot cup of coffee - and by treating your office to one of our eco-friendly coffee machines, your staff can stay deliciously caffeinated this Christmas.