Ergonomics in the workplace: a health and performance matter

Health & Well Being at Work

As a general rule, most people spend at least a third of their day at work, which is the reason why taking care of working conditions is relevant. Health and productivity experts agree in paying special attention to ergonomics in the workplace. In this article, we analyse some of the reasons to invest in this.

The importance of taking care of occupational health

A company's workforce is one of its essential resources, no matter the industry to which it belongs. This is why it's necessary to take care of it correcly, as a work team can be exposed to negative conditions that increase issues such as absenteeism due to work leaves.

It's estimated that 25% of workers have been on a work leave for more than a week due to health problems. These numbers could decrease by taking care of ergonomics in the workplace.

Ergonomics in the workplace increase productivity

Although some people think that experiencing pain due to their work is normal, reality indicates the contrary. It's possible to focus on a given tasks without suffering any inconveniences, which directly affect workers' productivity.

Working in healthy ergonomic conditions can enhance performance in many ways.

A cause of work motivation

It's no secret that motivated workers perform better, and this means that a work environment must make it easy for the worker to focus. The wrong ergonomics in the workplace don't promote focus and instead make mistakes and discouragement more common.

A focused employee who develops his tasks in a pleasant environment on a physical level, will be motivated to participate and move forward in any project he is involved in.

Retaining talent

According to research conducted through different industries, 8 out of 10 workers prefer a comfortable workplace rather than a bigger pay. This is way ergonomics in the workplace are essential to recruit and retain employees and prevent talent drain.

Changes in a company's culture

So that all these factors can be implemented within a company, it's important to maintain ergonomics in the workplace, which not only improve performance but also make a company become a more dynamic space, prepared to face both present and future challenges.

The better the erconomics in the workplace, the better each of the workers' health will be protected. As a result, both their productivity and efficiency improve.

All in all, ergonomics in the workplace must be present on companies' plans, as this is an essential issue on a corporate level.