Enhance Creativity and Boost Productivity in the Workplace

Office Management


The modern employee sees employment as an ‘experience’ more than a ‘pay-check.’ They want to be offered choice in how, when and where they work. Many employees work independently as well as collaborating with others, they work at desks, on the move, between 9-5 and outside of these hours. Companies and organisations who have adapted to meet the needs of the modern employee are prospering. By simply taking time to understand the employee mind-set and considering employee wellbeing you too can enhance creativity and boost productivity.

Employee Wellbeing Matters

Unhappy Employees cost Businesses Money

  • Unhappy employees take more sick days (estimated as high as 15 a year)
  • Unmotivated employees cost £15 billion a year in lost productivity
  • Replacing employees costs businesses time and money. It can cost 30 to replace a member of staff

Millennials Expect to be Happy at Work

Companies that allow their employees to choose when, where and how they work:

  • Saw employee satisfaction increase
  • Said their employees viewed their company as more innovative than competitors
  • Saw that their employees were more productive

Maximise Productivity in the Workplace

How can you Boost Productivity in the Workplace?

Redefine Space 

A well designed workspace will generate indirect positive effects on the mind-set of the employee resulting in a high sense of motivation, pride in work, a strong sense of wellbeing, increased happiness and health and higher quality work. All this attributes to increased profit, quality talent acquisition and higher staff retention.

1. Allocating Space

Create dedicated space for private study, coffee breaks and collaborative areas. This will encourage collaboration, help create fresh ideas and improve employee moral. 

2. Improving Design

A well designed and thought out office can increase moral and create a positive atmosphere. Choose colours that suit the atmosphere you want to create, keep space tidy and cutter-free, anddisplay artwork that reflects your company values and helps motivate your employees.

3. Enhancing Well-Being

Provide quality drinking water to keep your employees hydrated and increase productivity, focus and promote general wellbeing. 

Reinvest Time

1. Encourage Independent Breaks

Breaks generate higher levels of productivity; regular coffee and water breaks and even stretches, desk yoga, or mindful mediation can be investments worth making. Independent reflection can clear the mind, increase energy levels and help manage stress levels.

2. Encourage Breaks with Co-workers

Collaboration with other departments inspires innovation and a heightened sense of wellbeing. An idea is better shared; the time taken to share an idea may mean a few lost minutes for one but information and knowledge gained by the co-workers. For example, if one employees discovers a way to work more efficiently, and shares with others, the time has been well-invested.

Prepare for the Future 

Preparing for the office of the future is essential to keeping ahead of the curve, generating the best results, and attracting and maintaining the best talent. Create a feasible plan to harbour creativity, innovation, and productivity at the workplace through implementing change. Remember, the smallest changes can have the biggest results.