Employee Recognition: 5 Apps to Show Appreciation

Employee Recognition: 5 Apps to Show Appreciation

Staying motivated in the workplace is no easy task. As the ritualistic routine of the 9-5 takes over, keeping motivated can be a challenge – and recognising the hard work of your employees can often take a back seat.

We’ve previously brought you some tips on how to reward your staff – and today, we’re recommending 5 apps that will help you recognise the efforts of your employees and show your appreciation.



1. Give a WOW – Android, iOS – Free

Give a WOW provides employers a platform from which they can recognise the achievements of their team and acknowledge any outstanding performances. The easy-to-use app encourages employer-to-employee engagement on a regular basis, allowing managers to take a timely approach to showing their appreciation.


2. Kudos Points – Android, iOS – Free

By providing employees with specialist employee recognition software, the Kudos Points app allows managers to breed a culture of support and encouragement across departments. From manager-to-employee recognition to peer-to-peer support, the app encourages an integrated support system designed to benefit the whole team.


3. iAppreciate – Android, iOS, Blackberry – Free

If sparking creativity and nurturing your employees is at the top of your priority list, the iAppreciate app will fit right in with your business. Whether it’s broadcasting their success on social media or providing them with a personal keepsake, recognising the hard work of your staff will show that they’re a valued member of the team and help to propel them forward in their career.


4. TINYpulse – Android, iOS – Free

The day to day office life can sometimes be a grind, but the TINYpulse app allows employers to inject some welcome relief into the work day. Communication is key in any successful business – and through the TINYpulse app, employees have an opportunity to fill in anonymous surveys and raise any issues or concerns they have.


5. Achievers – Android, iOS – Free

Whatever their position in the company or their level of expertise, every employee deserves to be acknowledged for their achievements. Dedicated to helping you provide your staff with rewards they actually want, the app allows your team to choose from dining experiences, pamper days and a whole host of other treats as part of their reward schemes. With Achievers, an ever-changing selection of rewards means there really is something for everyone in your team.


Making sure your employees are enthusiastic about their jobs is key to keeping them motivated – and with a little appreciation, you will see productivity levels soar. From appreciation gift tags to bringing in cakes on Fridays, there are any number of ways to reward your team.


If apps aren’t your thing, there are ways to reward your staff outside of smartphone tech. By investing in one of Eden Springs’ eco-friendly office coffee machines, you can show your appreciation and give your team access to a welcome boost throughout the working day.