Eden's Environmentally Friendly Cup Range


Our new environmentally friendly range:

As an environmentally conscious company Eden Springs are market leaders. We were the first in our industry to become CarbonNeutral and are now the largest European company within the water and coffee service industry to become CarbonNeutral across all the countries we operate in. 

Following careful research (and through choosing the right brands to partner with) Eden Springs can now offer all customers a comprehensive and environmentally friendly cup solution.

We have partnered with Vegware to provide fully compostable plant based coffee cups and water cups, and in addition we have also partnered with a closed loop recycling company to provide our customers with a recycling solution for all non-compostable cups and lids, both paper and plastic.

Our full range of compostable coffee and water cups can be seen below, and these are easily purchased through our online store or by calling 0844 800 3344.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure these are processed properly compostable cups need to be disposed of with food waste and not with general recycling waste.


More specific information on our featured cups please click the links below:

New enviro cup single & double walled

PLA Plastic Water Cups and 4oz Paper Cone Cups

Reusable Range

'Refresh | Refill | Reuse'

We also offer our customers a great range of refillable bottles and cups, perfect for those who wish to reuse their drinking vessel again and again, avoiding the recycling and compostable systems altogether.



More specific information on our featured reusable and refillable bottles and cups please click the links below:

Refillable and reusable coffee cups

Refillable and reusable water bottles

To find out more about our innovative new environmentally friendly cup range:

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Want to make your business more sustainable?  

Did you know… only 1% of paper cups are recycled!

With Eden Springs you can ensure 100% of your used paper and plastic cups are recycled and repurposed.

Eden Springs is excited to announce their new Cup Recycling Scheme. The new service is designed to help counter the negative impact plastic and paper waste is having on the environment.

The necessity of recycling is becoming increasingly widely acknowledged and accepted, but what many don’t realise, is that putting recyclable products in mixed recycling bins often does not result in your waste being recycled. In July this year, the National Audit Office (NAO), revealed that ‘over half of the packaging reported as recycled is being sent abroad to be processed’, meaning there is no guarantee that it isn’t either incinerated or put into landfill.

Even when your mixed recycling remains in the UK, a vast majority of recycling plants do not have the facilities to process polyethylene lined plastic cups, so are forced to redirect them elsewhere.

To overcome this, Eden Springs’ new Cup Recycling Scheme will ensure all cups are processed by a professional waste solutions company, who use the first and only waste reprocessing plants in the UK capable of separating polyethylene from paper. This will ensure all materials are recycled and reused, making this the UK’s only recycling scheme which can guarantee that all your cups will be recycled and then reused.

This definitive closed-loop solution means all our current cups can now be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, recycled and repurposed:



Eden now organises the collection of plastic and paper cups at the point of disposal through an online ordering process, via the Eden:

Customer Zone

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Joining the scheme is quick and easy. Pre-Paid Post Back Cup Recycling Sacks with a capacity of 1000 cups can be purchased for just £12.99 each, which covers the price of courier collection, drop off to the recycling plant and the cost of recycling.


Cup recycling stations have also been introduced into the mix to encourage and help recycling efforts.

There are a range of specially designed cup recycling stations to choose from to ensure the recycling process is as convenient as possible for you and your employees.

There are many different combinations including a plastic cup, paper cup, or even combination of both.

Once recycling station cup tubes are full, they need to be emptied into the pre-paid sacks, ensuring plastic cups and paper cups are in separate sacks.


Once each sack is filled, you need to fill out a short and simple form on our website, and we’ll arrange for our courier to collect your cups, ready for processing. The courier will then come and collect the sack and deliver it to our recycling partner on your behalf.

Once processed, the material from your used cups could become anything from reusable thermal cups, to tables and benches or even stationery. You can even purchase the recycled and reusable cups from our website!

The rCUP is a popular, high street product, the result of closed loop recycling and are manufactured through our recycling scheme.







Carbon Neutrality

Eden Springs has achieved CarbonNeutral status across all 18 of our European Markets. This includes the products we sell, the electricity we use and the company itself. We are the market leader in the industry and were the first in the sector to be certified CarbonNeutral.


Our nationwide charitable programme over the last couple of years has seen the donation of at least 30,000 bottles of water to deserving charitable causes. During 2018 we helped raise money for charities such as Great Ormond Street Hospital, Blind Veterans UK, The Excel Project and the list goes on!

To find out more about our innovative new recycling scheme and all our environmentally friendly products, head over to the Customer ZoneOnline Store or call us on 0844 800 3344.