Eden in the Wild: Antarctic Icebreaker [updated]



  While Eden drinks machines are perfect in a cosy office, you might be surprised at how far their use goes. Our most recent order for a coffee machine is set to sail into the Antarctic aboard the HMS Protector.

Ice spot for a coffee

An icebreaker and former polar research vessel, the HMS Protector will be undertaking patrols of the British Antarctic Territory, surveying, and transporting inspection and research teams including British Antarctic Survey (BAS) scientists. The Eden Springs bean-to-cup coffee machine will be situated in the ship's meeting room, ready to warm up the hardy sailors after their exerts in the icy cold Antarctic. Imagine how good a hot cup of coffee would feel in that situation! HMS-protector-eden-coffee-machine


The great guys aboard the HMS protector have given us a few pictures of their new coffee machine in place. They're not the most exciting pics in the world, but they're certainly happy with it and we hope they don't come across any coffee-addict polar bears! 

Can you top it?

Let us know if you have a water cooler or coffee machine in a weird or interesting place and we'll happily show our readers! Just comment below to get in touch.   Images courtesy of MOD & Royal Navy