Eden Springs: A Dedication to Coffee



Eden Springs, as Europe's leading office hydration provider, have been working hard to understand the coffee machine industry and the coffee needs of our wide range of customers.

Meeting the demand for cappuccinos, lattes and espressos and supplying the brands you respect and trust – like Kraft, Kenco and Lavazza – has meant that Eden have taken an in-depth look into the coffee culture in the UK and Europe. "We are confident that customers will love this new offering" said Antonio de Alarcon, vice president of business development. “Eden has worked hard to become a leading brand in the drinking water solutions market, but we are now faced with a big opportunity to position ourselves as the leading provider for full-scale hydration solutions."

Complete coffee solution

Raanan Zilberman, CEO of Eden Springs, commented: “We realised that we have created an amazing delivery platform for drinking solutions within the work place environment." “The provision of a complete coffee solution – across 16 countries – illustrates the confidence we have to look after customers in this area. [It] will also include the provision of other hot drinks such as teas, chocolate and herbal infusions.”

coffee cup

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