Eden 'Bodyguard' hydration reminder app

Health & Well Being at Work

Introducing the new Eden 'Bodyguard', a free computer desktop app that's your personalised hydration reminder! We all know that drinking enough water throughout the day is essential, and in the flow of our daily work lives it can be difficult to remember to take a break and fill a cup of water. The Eden Bodyguard will calculate your optimal time between breaks according to your personal details, such as age, weight and number of working hours.

Improves your productivity and comfort

Taking breaks has been shown to improve productivity, and studies have also shown that computerised reminders are effective in helping alleviate both physical discomfort and musculoskeletal disorders common among computer workers.

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Download the free Eden Bodyguard hydration reminder 

Minimum requirements: Operating System: Win XP, Vista, Win 2000. Minimum screen resolution: 800x600 (using normal font size and DPI), or higher