Drink Your Coffee, and Eat the Mug Too



The days of inedible coffee mugs are over. Now coffee-drinkers the world over can enjoy the privilege of drinking their tasty brew and eating the mug too.

A recent news story featured Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, an LA-based coffee shop offering the holy grail of sugary treats - an edible coffee cup which means our coffee breaks can now be 100% consumable. This glorious coffee mug has ditched traditional materials in favour of scrumptious waffle cone, topped with indulgent milk chocolate - and we can safely say that this culinary creation is not only a scientific breakthrough but a game changer in the sweet treats industry. The coffee shop, situated on Melrose Place in Los Angeles, has dubbed this sublime creation the ‘Alfred Cone’ - and offers the edible mug upon request (as part of their secret menu, for those in the know). Charging an extra $5 for their trademark Alfred Cone, the cafe has succeeded in pushing the limits on what consumers will pay for their exclusive treats.

Store Manager Ashlee Lawson says her customers love the edible mugs, describing them as “a little snack with espresso in there” - and we can’t fault her logic. We’d take a taste of waffle cone over the traditional paper takeout cup any day. Renowned for its killer slogan “But first, coffee”, Alfred Coffee & Kitchen is a coffee shop that takes its brews very seriously - and we think this kind of commitment is admirable. Offering its customers an extra dose of edible loveliness, the cafe has succeeded in giving the people what they want and cutting down on paper waste in the process. Long live the humble coffee shop. At Eden Springs, we love nothing more than a steaming cup of coffee - and we don’t see why you should have to live without your daily dose. Thanks to our eco-friendly office coffee machines, employees across the UK can find instant access to their next caffeine hit - and keep things economical while they’re at it.