Coffee Makes You a Good Person & Here’s Proof



A recent study published in the March issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology shows that, in addition to fighting liver disease, depression and even cancer, coffee can actually make you a more ethical person - particularly at work. As with all coffee claims, there’s some tasty data to back it up - meaning that we can now caffeinate our way to moral righteousness, all thanks to a good brew or two. Let’s get down to details. The science behind this recent revelation explains that tiredness makes us more susceptible to unethical or questionable influences from higher up, which of course can be combated with caffeine - the solution to tiredness! Ethical lapses in the workplace could now be a thing of the past, if employers take the initiative to provide office coffee machines - with moral refills available throughout the day.   Coffee Cup   As with all good scientific experiments, a placebo was used versus the real thing. Two groups were tested on the efficacy of caffeine in the workplace, with a control group given a wintergreen placebo gum versus the other group’s gum laced with 200mg of caffeine. Results showed conclusively that the sufficiently caffeinated group “balked when researchers urged them to cheat”, while those given the placebo instead “showed a marked willingness to cast conscience aside and go along with the deception” - demonstrating a solid correlation between caffeine and good ethics. At its base level, this research demonstrates that caffeine decreases a person’s susceptibility to social influence - whatever the agenda. Among these social influences are, of course, unethical agendas - which, like all other influences across the moral spectrum, can be suppressed with a lovely cup of coffee. What we can assume from these findings is that one of caffeine’s many assets is the ability to increase our strength of character through strength of mind. If you’re an employer or business owner looking to keep your workers honest, an office coffee machine is the way to go. At Eden Springs, we provide a range of office coffee solutions to businesses and organisations across the UK, helping employers to guarantee that their workforce stays hydrated and ethical all day long.