Coffee Machine Cuisine: the Culinary Revolution

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Coffee machines have already revolutionised the working world, with this nifty machinery conquering employee thirst and office productivity all at once – and it doesn’t stop there. The coffee machine has now entered the culinary world, providing a unique and innovative answer to creative cookery – which means one modern engineering marvel can be every owner’s ultimate solution to breakfast, lunch, dinner and, of course, coffee.

The inventor of coffee machine cuisine, a Swede by the name of Katja Wulff, has been putting her own machine to imaginative and exceptional use since as early as 2009 – and it looks like the world is readying itself for a culinary revolution. CoffeeMachineCuisine-Katja So how exactly can your coffee machine make dinner? Let’s get down to the details. Your standard coffee machine, while still perfectly good for making a steaming hot brew, now appears to have a few more tricks up its sleeve. Whether you fancy steamed vegetables, poached eggs or a grilled cheese toasty, your trusty coffee maker has the capabilities to make it happen. And the best part is that anyone can learn the tricks simply by getting to know their coffee machine. Up Top: the Basket Your coffee machine’s basket is ideal for steaming, so by throwing your mixed vegetables into the top of the machine, you can find an ideal accompaniment to almost any meal without having to contemplate using the oven or the hob. Front-and-Centre: the Carafe The machine’s miraculous carafe can do a whole lot more than accommodate coffee grinds. In here, you can poach salmon, hard-boil eggs, and even cook up some couscous. With meals from the everyday to the exotic achievable inside your coffee machine’s carafe, this is where the magic happens. Down Below: the Burner While cooking on your coffee machine’s burner is a little more advanced (and time-consuming) than your other options, you’ll be amazed to hear that the machine’s burner serves as a perfectly adequate grill – meaning you can toast everything from cinnamon rolls to cheese on toast with relative ease. Anyone feeling resourceful, curious or just plain hungry can find salvation in the coffee machine’s newfound capabilities. Although this culinary marvel may not be for everyone, with more and more inventive and astounding recipes becoming available to the masses, coffee machine cuisine is undoubtedly a game-changer on the home-cooking front. CoffeeMachineCuisine If you think your office is ready to embrace the coffee machine cuisine movement, Eden Springs can provide the machinery. In addition to a range of sophisticated caffeine solutions, we also provide good old-fashioned in cup offee machines – which, by the looks of it, are taking a sizeable leap into the future of cooking technology.