Christmas jumpers that are sure to perk up your office

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Friday December 12th marks Save the Children’s third annual Christmas Jumper Day. You could encourage your colleagues to take part this year... Not only would you be supporting a good cause but, at the same time, you'd get to have a giggle at everyone's jumpers. Why not ‘make the world better with a sweater’?  

Christmas jumpers perfect for the office Scrooge

We get it, not everyone loves Christmas! So why not show your feelings for the festive season by donning one of these anti-Christmas jumpers?

Image courtesy of River Island Image courtesy of River Island


1. Avoid all holiday stereotypes with this jumper from River Island for just £30.  

bah humbug Image courtesy of Cath Kidston


2. Show your inner Scrooge with this jumper from Cath Kidston, priced at £70.  

jesus Image Courtesy of ASOS


3. Christmas is not just about Santa Claus and presents. For £19 you can make people remember who Christmas is really about.  

grumpy cat Image courtesy of Miami Girls


4. Are you a cat lover who hates Christmas? If so, at £14 this jumper could be yours...  

Christmas jumpers ideal for the office film buff

Are you the annoying co-worker who has a movie quote for every situation? If the answer is yes, then these jumpers will be right up your street.

elf Image courtesy of Primark


1. Is Elf one of your favourite Christmas movies? If so, then why not rush out for this jumper, priced at only £12...  

i know Image courtesy of The Christmas Jumpers Company


2. If horror movies are more your thing, this play-on-words Christmas jumper is ideal for you at just £19.99.  

filthy animal Image courtesy of


3. Home Alone, a modern day Christmas classic. Anyone who has seen and loves this film will appreciate your jumper – and for just £15, who can complain?  

snowman Image courtesy of The Christmas Jumpers Company


4. If you are one of those people who has become obsessed with Disney's Frozen over the past year, then this Olaf jumper is the one for you at just £19.99.  

Christmas jumpers fitting for the office prankster

Are you the office comedian, constantly cracking jokes and making everyone laugh? If so, why should today be any different? Make your co-workers crack a smile with these jumpers.  

tesco value Image courtesy of Ezytees


1. This jumper is bound to squeeze a smile out of even the grumpiest colleague. Now, isn't that worth £18.99?  

pull cracker Image courtesy of River Island


2. This jumper has that Christmassy look, while its jolly slogan will help you get in the festive spirit. For £28 is this the jumper for you?  

disguise Image courtesy of Funky Christmas Jumpers


3. You have probably seen this t-shirt done in dinosaur form, but can you pass up the opportunity to be Santa? At £24.95 I think not.  

naked sanra Image courtesy of Funky Christmas Jumpers


3. If this jumper doesn't make you giggle, then I don't know what will! We're sure it's worth £39.99 anyway.  

Christmas jumpers for the staff member who actually does love Christmas

There is always one, the person who wants to start playing Christmas music in the office in November and is raring to put the decorations up ASAP. If that is you, then you might appreciate these jumpers. No gimmicks – just nice, simple Christmas jumpers!  

xmas m&s Image courtesy of Marks & Spencer


1. If green and red is your favourite colour combination, then why not head to M&S and pick up this stylish candy cane jumper for £25?  

naughty nice Image courtesy of River Island


2. Are you on the naughty list or the nice list this year? Of course you are on the nice list; you are Mrs Christmas herself, so head to River Island for this jumper at just £35.  

reindeers Image courtesy of BHS


3. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? If not, then you definitely need this £20 jumper from BHS.  

xmas topman Image courtesy of Topman


4. There is nothing gimmicky about this sleek jumper and, for just £18, we think it's a steal.   To find out more about more about how you can show you support for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day visit