Butter coffee movement: The amazing truth



  A new health trend has emerged, and it’s not something you would normally associate with healthy living: butter is the latest buzz food in the health conscious community. Even more bizarre is that people aren’t eating it on their morning toast, they’re drinking it in their morning coffee! Let’s take a closer look at this seemingly paradoxical movement. Butter in Coffee Base, base, buttery base David Asprey from Bulletproof Coffee explains the health benefits of sticking a knob of butter in your morning fix! This bizarre new craze in health drinks boasts a hefty number of converts and claims to help keep energy levels up throughout the day, promote weight loss and even improve brain function. Steep claims to make. David claims that butter contains all of the benefits of milk fat without the denatured proteins found in cream. The drink has proven particularly popular amongst those on high protein and high fat diets such as the “paleo” diet. Unsurprisingly, there’s been some level of opposition to the butter coffee initiative, with nutritionists warning that drinkers are increasing their intake of unhealthy saturated fats and that the added calories could lead to weight gain.Knob of butter for butter coffee recipe How to make butter coffee If all this talk of butter has given you a curious craving, you’ll be pleased (and unsurprised) to hear that the formula for butter coffee is pretty simple. The recipe calls for 1-2 tablespoons of butter mixed into your morning java – simple enough. Trendsetter David Asprey, however, insists on using unsalted, grass-fed butter mixed into special “low-toxin” coffee. Perhaps some of the supposed health benefits are due to these healthier alternatives. If the claims are true, the health benefits could be worth putting up with the taste of buttery coffee. But we’re not sure if we’re brave enough to try it ourselves – the verdict is still out on this one!