Bottled water has lowest environmental impact



A study has found that bottled water has the lowest 'environmental footprint' in comparison to other packaged drinks such as fizzy drinks, soft drinks and sports drinks. This life-cycle analysis has assessed the environmental impact of a product all the way from creation through to waste or recycling, and is thought to be the first fair and complete study of the impact of water and popular drinks choices on our planet and environment.

earthBottled water the 'responsible' choice

Bottled water was found be best the most 'environmentally responsible' selection in the packaged drink market, with sports drinks and fizzy drinks resulting in almost 50% more carbon dioxide being generated and juice and milk 200% more in the lifetime of each serving. Eden Springs are dedicated to reducing CO2 emmissions and environmental impact across all our business operations. If you'd like to enjoy responsibly sourced water, why not talk to Eden Springs today?

The life cycle analysis study was conducted by Quantis International and is available in full at