Are your team drinking enough water?

water coolers
Well Being at Work

Good hydration can significantly improve productivity and well being at work, but sometimes it can be hard to get everyone in a company or workplace to think about their drinking habits. How can you help to improve hydration in the office?

  • Make hydration easy to access: Ensure you have water stations or water coolers installed in highly-used staff areas like receptions, break rooms or kitchens, as well as places with lots of through-traffic where there might not be an opportunity to sit like manufacturing zones or warehouses. It's especially important to have water close-to-hand if you're active, and don't forget to provide bottles or cups for use – there's no point in water if people can't actually drink from anything!
  • Allow for regular breaks: These will allow employees to drink and rest their minds, and this has been proven to improve concentration and productivity.
  • Remind and remember: It's easy to forget good hydration practices when you're busy, so consider pushing the message with promotional campaigns and messages and by showing a good drinking example. A culture of good hydration will last and generate benefits for all in the longer term.