7 very bold (and totally legit) claims about your morning coffee



The morning coffee is worshipped universally as the ultimate easy-access pick-me-up. Sometimes coffee gets a pretty bad rap – what naysayers may not know, however, is that what coffee-lovers consider a cheeky vice is actually a very positive life choice. Want some stats with that? Get this data down you so you can give your next coffee a big old swirl of self-righteousness.   Coffee vs. Diabetes Regular coffee drinkers will be relieved to see a negative correlation between their java intake and their chance of contracting Type 2 diabetes. This study by ACS indicates that people averaging four or more coffees a day have a 50% lower risk of the disease, with every further cup lowering the risk by another 7%. Coffee vs. Parkinson’s Not only can coffee lower committed drinkers’ risk of developing Parkinson’s, but sufferers will find welcome relief in this hot cup of health benefits, as coffee has been further proven to lessen the disease’s symptoms. Coffee vs. Stress That mystical coffee aroma is pretty powerful stuff – studies show that the stress associated with lack of sleep can be alleviated just through exposure to the smell of a hot cup of coffee. Coffee vs. Liver Failure Long-term studies have been performed over decades that indicate people drinking at least one cup of coffee a day are 20% less likely to contract liver cirrhosis later in life. The disease, primarily caused by alcohol abuse, is something that your morning coffee can help to prevent long-term. Coffee vs. Depression The National Institute of Health conducted a study concluding that people drinking four or more cups of coffee a day are 10% less likely to suffer from depression than non-drinkers – and don’t make the mistake of thinking this is down to the caffeine high. We’ve got the lovely antioxidants to thank for that. On a bigger scale, a few cups of java per day can reduce the risk of suicide by half, acting as a mild antidepressant by producing serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine. Coffee vs. Inertia Having a cheeky cup of coffee is universally known to give you an immediate mental and physical boost, offering some lovely motivational properties. Athletes in particular will see a jolt in performance following their morning cuppa, particularly from an endurance perspective. The reason for this is just simple science – caffeine gets more fatty acids into your bloodstream which can be absorbed and burned for fuel, giving you a carbohydrate reserve you can save for later. Coffee vs. Stupidity Coffee is the first port of call for anyone suffering from the terrors of sleep deprivation. While a caffeine injection gives you the instant pick-me-up you need, the benefits extend far beyond that. Amazingly, a dose of caffeine offers improved attention span, reaction times, reasoning and vigilance – which ultimately means a simple cup of coffee can make you smarter (temporarily, of course; coffee alone will not make you a rocket scientist). Coffee vs. Cancer Female coffee fanatics have a lot to gain from fuelling their cravings. A 20-year study by Harvard Medical School concluded that women drinking 3 or more cups a day are significantly less likely to contract skin cancer – which makes this drink not only a day-changer but also a potential life-saver. So...put the kettle on?

yin-yang-coffee Image courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/89483624@N03/8630713016/