7 Silly Office Gifts To Perk Up Your Workplace

Office Management


In honour of world smile day why not perk up your workplace by giving your colleague a gift that will make them laugh. Here are a few suggestions from us on how to get a smile out of even the grumpiest members of staff!  

1. The Daily Mood Flipchart

Perfect for member of staff who isn't the easiest to read.

10626613-1343304118-779666 Image Courtesy of fredandfriends.com



2. Extra Large Coffee Cup

Got a colleague who loves a cup of joe? Then this would be right up their street.

w-Giant-Coffee-Cup75917 Image Courtesy of homewetbar.com



3. Office Carpet Skates

There is always one member of the team who is always on the move, so why not encourage them to get around in a more fun and timely manner.

funslides Image Courtesy of urbangifts.co.uk



4. Pillow Tie

Have you got someone in the office who is always needs a pick me up? Maybe a 10 minute afternoon nap is just what they need.

pillow Image Courtesy of firebox.com



5. Play More Notepad

Is someone in your workplace mad about sport? Then this notepad is ideal for them.

playmore_lr1 Image Courtesy of fredandfriends.com



6. Plug Mug

Are you always being accused of 'borrowing' a certain someone's mug? Well why don't you give them this, tell them to hide the plug in a safe place therefore the mug becomes useless to theives.

10523853-1312379088-193525 Image Courtesy of iwantoneofthose.com



7. Employee Of The Month Runner Up T-Shirt

Are you the current employee of the month? Hand this out to the jealous co-worker who wishes and thinks it should have been them.

il_570xN.525412273_g216 Image Courtesy of Unicorn Tees