6 Work Situations Where Coffee Is the Only Cure

Health & Well Being at Work


Some work situations can feel never-ending or simply unmanageable without the tools to power through. But at Eden Springs, we know just what you need to turn your office horrors into easy money - and it’s as easy as a fresh cup of coffee in the office. Those of you already committed to your daily caffeine fix will know how powerful that first cuppa can be - but if you’re yet to be converted, here are just some of the office-hours ailments that only coffee can cure.


Long Meetings

Those long, drawn-out work meetings can seem like an impossible struggle without some hot java. The lethargy and mental draining often worsened and even caused by these never-ending meetings can be effectively combated with a simple cup of coffee. A nice early morning caffeine hit stimulates your central nervous system, keeping you awake and alert for the duration of the meeting and on top form, leaving you more than able to wow your colleagues with your bright ideas.  

Heavy Workloads

Too much work Photo by HKU RBR


Office coffee machines are the key to productivity at work, with heavy workloads made infinitely easier thanks to a big old cup of the good stuff. Caffeine gives workers the essential energy to maximise their productivity, making otherwise daunting volumes of work a relative breeze as long as you stay caffeinated.  


Working outside of office hours can often seem cruel and unusual, especially when you’re fantasising about getting home and being horizontal ‘til morning. Working overtime is tough, but luckily this is yet another thing coffee can help you cope with. Caffeine is absorbed very quickly, finding its way into your system within a matter of minutes - and the energising effects of just one cup can last for hours. With coffee transforming you from exhausted and overworked into a well-oiled, adequately caffeinated machine, so you’ll be able to earn extra money and feel the extra gratification.  

Office Migraines

The moment that a working migraine strikes, you might feel like your life is over. There’s nothing more inconvenient or damaging to productivity than an unexpected banging headache - and it’s painful too, of course. Luckily, one of coffee’s many beneficial qualities is its effective treatment of migraine headaches - due to its ability to dilate your blood vessels when a sudden migraine leaves them constricted. Hydrate yourself with a cup of coffee and feel your ailment miraculously disappear.  

Urgent Projects

Got a time-sensitive piece of work to get your teeth into and need to manufacture a sense of urgency? You guessed it - coffee can fix it for you. If you’re working under time constraints and can’t seem to stir the motivation on your own, grab yourself a caffeine hit and you’ll feel well and truly energised in no time. Drinking coffee increases the circulation of fatty acids, giving you a burst of energy and the urgency required to be as efficient as the situation necessitates.  

Problem Solving

Your powers of logic and mental clarity are never more acute than directly after a strong cup of coffee. If there’s a work situation which requires some serious brain power, or there’s a problem that calls for a powerful, practical mind, get yourself to the coffee machine and you should find that you’re more than equipped for the task. Ready to feel the energising benefits of office coffee? You’ve come to the right place. Eden Springs provides state-of-the-art coffee machines to offices throughout the UK, keeping Britain’s workers happy and hydrated all day long.