5 tasty dishes made with coffee


Enjoying coffee is not just a matter of heading to a high street coffee shop for your daily favourite at 11 o’clock every morning. The wonderful and rich roasted bean taste can work exceptionally well in a variety of sweet and savoury desserts.   Starter - Smoky Black Bean Soup You can add your favourite delicacy to a delicious black bean soup. The slightly toasty flavour is provided by the coffee. This delicacy can be served as a meal if you add a green salad on the side. This is a soup they can easily be put together and completed within 30 minutes and if you’re intending to serve around six people you will only need around 1 pound of dried black beans for the recipe. Your favourite brewed coffee will be included, but you must always remember to add one jalapeño pepper to the final mixture.     Main course - Coffee and pepper marinade To complete your menu with the possibility of adding coffee at each stage, you will require a speciality marinade to improve the flavour of either your favourite beef steak or a vegetarian alternative. This marinade is purely a mix of balsamic vinegar, garlic, crushed peppercorns and your favourite brewed coffee. One disadvantage to serving this marinade with your favourite filet steak is that people attending your meal celebration will wish to return far too often and ask you to repeat this recipe every single time. Dessert - Tiramisu Of all the desserts that are linked to a favourite coffee recipe, you are most likely to have tried Tiramisu at a restaurant, a high street coffee shop or as the pièce de résistance when a friend has invited you over for an important dinner. When you seek out a recipe for this famous Italian dessert, you will find that there are many varieties with some options allowing you to lower the calorie count significantly, while others choose the fully sweetened version which is both rich and delicious. The mixture of mascarpone cheese, brewed coffee and dark rum layered around lady finger cookies has been enjoyed for centuries, but don’t forget the unsweetened cocoa powder for the dressing. Dessert - Pannacotta Another Italian, cooked cream speciality, is an extremely smooth dessert that works well with strong coffee flavours. The main source for the dessert was inspired by the New Orleans classic coffee drink, café brûlot, which is a brandy drink where the alcohol is set alight. A non-alcoholic version can use a brandy extract, but the finish for the dessert is always with espresso beans covered in chocolate. Between times - Mocha Ice Pops When you are looking for a simple afternoon coffee delight, but you haven’t the time to rush to a high street coffee shop to sample one of your favourite iced coffees, having mocha ice pops ready in your freezer can give you a great afternoon coffee treat which provides you with a range of delightful flavours. The cocoa settles at the bottom when you freeze them which will give you the chocolate surprise at the top once you have removed it from the mould of the ice pop. You can experiment with your favourite choice of coffee to master your mocha ice pops, and the amount of sugar you include is purely voluntary. You mustn’t forget to tell your children to keep away from your favourite surprise. Finally there's always the option of finishing your meal with your favourite mix from a coffee machine. Enjoy!