25 Tweeters That Will Help You Optimise Your Office

Office Management

Is your office looking tired or are you searching for ways to shake up your workplace? From creating a visual impact to injecting a touch of inspiration, showing your office some TLC can reignite your team’s passion for productivity. In today’s post, we’re shining the spotlight on some top tweeters that are guaranteed to get you excited about optimising your office space. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you:  

Office Design


1. Brit + Co

16 next-level bulletin boards to seriously inspire you: http://t.co/eba3D5pnIO pic.twitter.com/l1Tv7QtwIi

— Brit + Co (@BritandCo) August 29, 2015

When it comes to creativity, Brit + Co have got you covered. With self-confessed ‘tech-nerd’ Brit Morin at its helm, this website is a treasure trove of inspiration - aiming to spark creativity among the masses.      

2. Dezeen


"I think of architecture as a piece of clothing to wrap around human beings," says Toyo Ito: http://t.co/U4KsR7kBGQ pic.twitter.com/e2YLEHdPS2 — Dezeen (@Dezeen) September 4, 2015

If you’re looking for the ultimate influencer, Dezeen offers up a whole host of ideas. A staple of the architectural sphere, the online magazine is packed with design tips for those looking to shake up their office space.  

3. Decoist

Energize Your Workspace: 30 Home Offices with Yellow Radiance http://t.co/LqHdSEY1YX @SherryNothingam pic.twitter.com/n0MY5RKLRD

— Decoist (@decoist) September 7, 2015

Decoist is brimming with design ideas to help you overhaul your office interior. Taking inspiration from all around the world, this web magazine will set you on the path to creating a workspace you love.    

4. Dulux


If you thought chalkboards were confined to classrooms, think again! http://t.co/9wSQET1Qx6 pic.twitter.com/T2t4BBDPej — Dulux (@duluxuk) August 17, 2015

Known for their extensive colour palette (and the huge shaggy dog), Dulux are a household name when it comes to decorating. Follow their twitter account for the latest tips and tricks from those in the know. ‘Let’s colour’!  

5. Houzz

10 inspiring workspaces with an urban edge. If you love a bit of industrial, this is for you! http://t.co/hEaCx3pEfZ pic.twitter.com/2cLOIAsDSC

— Houzz UK (@HouzzUK) September 6, 2015

From unique interior styling to bespoke home offices, Houzz is dedicated to helping its followers inject a touch of creativity into their design. Follow the creative professionals for any number of influential hints and tips.    

6. Office Snapshots


Tour the Tokyo offices of an international consulting firm: http://t.co/GLyH6AIBY7 | @martintokyo pic.twitter.com/MfP2LfQAks — Office Snapshots (@officesnapshots) September 11, 2015

Bringing their audience some of the most creative and unique office designs from around the world, Office Snapshots are passionate about the workplace. Follow these guys on twitter for all the visual inspiration you could ever need!    

Office Inspiration


7. Paid to Exist

The most important piece of training equipment: your mind.

— Jonathan Mead (@jonathanmead) July 15, 2015

The 9-5 can sometimes be a slog, but at Paid to Exist - they're firm believers in injecting some freedom into your working life. With the ‘merging of work and play’, Paid to Exist offers inspiring insights into a career without limits.    

8. Successories


Inspiration of the week! pic.twitter.com/Xl8goevhVX — Successories (@successories) September 4, 2015

Motivation is top of the priority list for the guys over at Successories. Encouraging employers to put the focus back on their team, the website aims to help those in the professional sphere ramp up their recognition radar for increased productivity.  

9. The HR Director

How to create a culture of thought leadership in your organisation: A crucial way to stand out fro... http://t.co/e0wor6ZpB4 #HR #HRnews

— theHRDIRECTOR (@theHRDIRECTOR) September 10, 2015

A respected and reliable resource in the world of HR, The HR Director covers everything from newsworthy updates to regular blog content from those in the industry - intent on helping businesses on their way to a profitable future.    

10. Appreciation at Work


Instead of concerning yourself with the behavior of others, focus on what you can do to make sure you’re doing your job as well as you can. — Dr. Paul White (@drpaulwhite) September 4, 2015

Appreciation at Work strives to put employees back on the professional map by acknowledging their achievements. Packed with training advice and assessment incentives, the website keeps workforces inspired, motivated and on track to success.    

Office Supplies


11. Staples

Knowledge is Power. Knowing how to work anywhere is even better! #WorkisWhereIAm http://t.co/RjEmlWskU5 pic.twitter.com/rFmFqIcU0N

— Staples UK (@StaplesUK) June 17, 2015

The Staples brand is instantly recognisable as the kingpin of stationery suppliers - offering everything from paperclips to printers. So whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect office desk or fancy pitching up a workspace in your home, Staples are on hand to help.    

12. Office Depot


When it comes to clipping your documents, which team do you side with? Team Paperclip or Team Binder Clip? #GearLove pic.twitter.com/EThxqxX3av — Office Depot (@officedepot) July 21, 2015

Searching for office supplies as well as handy hints? Office Depot has everything you need to get your working life in order. Whether it’s a practical desk tidy or a reliable laptop, head over to their website to see what they can offer.  

13. OfficeTeam

Looking for a proactive #print solution, like @AnglianHome, with focus on value and service? http://t.co/XBLcdkec6L pic.twitter.com/wlYqFG6dg4

— OfficeTeam Ltd (@OfficeTeamLtd) September 7, 2015

Whatever your industry, OfficeTeam is armed with an array of business solutions guaranteed to get you and your staff off to a flying start. Bringing with them years of industry expertise, OfficeTeam will help you and your staff set your standards high.    

14. Ian Smith


The deceiving desk. Hide the screen #schools #Bett2014 pic.twitter.com/OKDAoxOqLZ — Ian Smith (@IanSmithGroup) January 24, 2014

The Ian Smith group is all about providing a quality, hassle-free service to get you your stationery essentials as efficiently as possible. With 46 years of industry experience under their belts, these are the go-to guys for your office must-haves.  

15. Velcro

No better time than the #weekend! pic.twitter.com/XRJovgH6Qh

— VELCRO® Brand (@VelcroBrand) August 16, 2015

The office doesn’t have to be dull - and you can perk up the smallest of spaces with a touch of TLC. Head over to Velcro to find any number of ways to perk up your workspace by adding a splash of personality.    

Office Blog


16. 123-reg


Be adventurous- don't hold your #SmallBusiness back #WisdomWednesday pic.twitter.com/EI8QELMuFC — 123-reg (@123reg) August 26, 2015

Business is the name of 123-reg’s game - and they want everyone to get in on the action. Their blog is brimming with inspiring quotes and mottos, guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.  

17. Glass Door

48% of #recruiters say they don’t see enough qualified talent. We have a fix for that. http://t.co/sVe4a7kXRz pic.twitter.com/mXp208zegy

— Glassdoor Employers (@GDforEmployers) August 31, 2015

Loaded with facts and figures, hints and tips, the Glass Door blog is all about supporting employers and employees in their quest for the perfect career. If you’re looking for a helping hand up the job ladder, be sure to follow Glass Door on twitter.    

18. Office Show


Our latest enewsletter... @Your_Excellency @lucybrazier @JuliePerrine @BakerThompsonAL @JonesJanAuthor @thepahub http://t.co/u07Gkrl7b8 — office* show (@officeshow) September 10, 2015

Office* Show covers some hot topics as well as tricks of the trade. With their blog regularly featuring guest contributors and industry professionals, employers and employees alike can keep up to date with the goings on of the working world.  

19. Chartered Managers Institute

The most effective #leaders have hungry minds that constantly strive to enhance their skill set to help them. http://t.co/tNaZ9F2lqB

— CMI (@cmi_managers) September 8, 2015

Chartered Managers Institute (CMI) keep success in their sights as they seek to assist employers with the growth of their team. Their blog is packed with thought-provoking questions intent on stimulating the minds of those thirsty for knowledge.    

20. HR Zone


A collaborative approach to reduce HR complexity - http://t.co/2KKPJbZv16 #HR #leadership pic.twitter.com/bHURkZqV0r — HRZone (@HRZone) September 10, 2015

HR Zone are firm believers that knowledge is power - and through their informative blog, they bring their wealth of experience to one platform. Check out the blog for advice on how to improve your business’ HR needs.    

Office Productivity


21. Regus UK

Come on tweeps, it’s the start of a brand spanking new week. Make it as #productive as can be. Please? For us? http://t.co/TGVP8T6ixC

— Regus Connect (@regusconnect) June 29, 2015

Productivity in the workplace is the first step towards success - and at Regus UK, targeting the core of a business’ is key. From insightful webinars to individual case studies, Regus UK will help you on the path to simpler business solutions.    

22. Great Place to Work


Great Workplaces goes digital! Download Apple app. Find out what makes a #bestworkplace + insights from our research. http://t.co/CZbrPldy5J — Great Place to Work® (@GPTW_UK) September 3, 2015

When it comes to what they do, Great Place to Work’s name speaks for itself. Helping businesses be better, the website is all about advising and supporting professionals in their industry - helping them squeeze every last drop of productivity from their working lives.  

23. Go to Meeting

7 ways to increase employee happiness that aren't giving them a raise http://t.co/D9oVS6c1rG suggestions from @TheNextWeb

— CitrixSMBUK (@CitrixSMBUK) August 27, 2015

Providing a platform from which professionals can connect, Go to Meeting allows users to hold, attend and record meetings. Head over to their website to find out how group meetings could benefit your brand and propel you towards a more productive future.    

24. Motivation Grid


Travel and explore. Laugh and cry. Succeed and fail. Love and suffer. Live fully! pic.twitter.com/57hSsIaZIA — MotivationGrid (@motivationgrid) September 7, 2015

Without the right tools to guide you, self-motivation can be an uphill battle - but with a little help from Motivation Grid, you and your team can thrive. Follow them on twitter for success stories, life hacks and snippets of motivational inspiration.  

25. Start up Grind

"Entrepreneurship is the secret weapon behind improving the world" - Scott Cook @Intuit #tiptuesday

— Startup Grind (@StartupGrind) September 8, 2015

From team building to networking solutions, Startup Grind offers those in the professional sector information and advice on how to find funding, meet with other businesses and create valuable, long-lasting connections - check them out!   Armed with the experience of these unique influencers, get set to see your team’s productivity levels soar - and for your dose of daily inspiration, don’t forget to check out @eden_springs twitter account!