10 Ways to make your workday that little bit better

Health & Well Being at Work


Got those Monday blues? Why not try some of our tips on how to make your workday that little bit better!  


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1. Have a delicious breakfast

Treat yourself to healthy breakfast baked goods that will go perfectly with your morning tea or coffee.



2. Sit properly

A properly designed workspace is an important component of well-being at work; some simple things can make a big difference.  

3. Listen to music whilst you work

Music has been proven to help aid productivity and motivation. So if you are finding it more difficult than usual to concentrate, why not throw on your favourite songs to help get you in the mood.  


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4. Decorate your desk with an office plant

Having plants in the office helps workers to be more productive. They also have other benefits, such as cleaning the air, improving your mood and brightening up a drab desk.  

5. Remember to take a coffee break

Like most people, you are probably sedentary for most of your working hours. To help prevent stiff and sore muscles, take a break at least once an hour. Go for a short walk and grab yourself a refreshing cup of coffee, for example.      


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6. Make sure you have a nutritious lunch

Certain foods help your mind to stay alert and motivated at work. Why not try some recipes on  Nutritious & Delicious, a healthy eating/wellbeing programme created for the busy employee.  

7. Hang some motivational posters

Brighten up your bare office walls with some motivational quotes to help aid employee productivity.  


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8. Play some office pranks

One or two light-hearted pranks every week could brighten up your day and make that tough working week more bearable.  

9. Use apps to boost your workday

Whether you are in need of a tool to help do your job like Evernote or something to keep you occupied when you are on a  Break, we have got it covered.   water-exciting

10. Stay hydrated!

Stay hydrated at work with these top tips for turning your average glass of water into a revitalising treat.