10 Quotes That Inspire You To Be More Productive At Work

Office Management


1. Be able to prioritise it will save you time in the long run.



2. Set yourself one key task for the day, stay focused on completing that task. Perhaps tackle it at the begging of the day when you are feeling the most productive.



3. Sometimes the thought of tackling a huge task can be rather daunting, why not create a list of smaller more manageable tasks to help you reach the end goal.



4. It is an important skill to be able to decline opportunities. This means you have more time and attention to give to the things that you enjoy or care about.



5. When you are stressed with work you can’t count on your brain to remember every important detail therefore use technology to set reminders.



6. By doing this you are allocating time for all the little unplanned things that crop up throughout the day.



7.  We have all been in meetings that feel never-ending so why not break them up into shorter chunks of time so as people do not lose focus and become uninterested.



8. Multi-tasking is something we all do and think we are being more productive for doing so. However if we actually focus all of our attention on one project at a time it is more beneficial in the grand scheme of things.



9. Everybody has tasks at work that they don’t want to do, however putting them off isn’t solving any problems. Just do it and move on.



10. It is always better to have something done and finished so as you can score it off of your list. The expectation of perfection can often drive one to insanity.