Europe's Leading Office Water and Coffee Supplier

Europe's Leading Office Water and Coffee Supplier

Europe's Leading Office Water and Coffee Supplier

Eden Springs are Europe's leading water cooler and office coffee machine supplier to businesses across the UK. Whether you want a bottle-fed water cooler, mains-fed water cooler, office coffee machine or even a fully managed service (where we take all the effort out of supplying high quality drinks to your staff) we can provide a solution to meet your needs.

With a network of branches and local water sources in each of the 18 countries where we operate, Eden Springs bottles and distributes more than 800 million litres of water annually and services more than 800,000 customers with tailored water and coffee solutions.

It is our mission to provide our customers with the perfect office drinking solution.


Eden Springs Vision and Values

Energising our customers with water and coffee solutions

Eden Springs operates across 18 countries providing workplaces and homes with a wide choice of professional water and coffee solutions. To achieve this goal we have set ourselves high standards for our way of working:

  • Excellence in the service to our customers: With our award-winning service network there is only one task left for our customers: Enjoy!
  • A product offer that aligns with the highest quality standards and responds to our customers' needs and tastes. Making Eden Springs the supplier of choice for bottled water, plumbed in water coolers or office coffee machines and related products
  • Continuously deploying an eco friendly way of working with a special objective to monitor and improve our environmental impact. We are a certified Carbon Neutral Company providing certified Carbon Neutral Products
  • Supporting local and global charity activities as well as socially engaged water project

The following values are the foundation of Eden Springs company culture, guiding our behaviour internally and externally:

We care…

About every aspect of your workplace water and coffee needs and aim to provide you with a seamless service whenever you need it. We understand that our customers share our care for the environment and communities near and far and wherever possible we manage our business ethically and responsibly for our employees, striving to be A Great Place to Work®

  • Passion for quality: We focus on providing the best-quality products and partnering with recognised suppliers and associations
  • Well-being: We are committed to products and practices that maintain a healthy, productive lifestyle in your workplace and ours
  • Leadership: We strive to support and demonstrate our position as a responsible leader in the water and coffee services industry across Europe



Carbon Neutral

We know that you are just as concerned about your environmental impact as we are, which is why the team at Eden Springs are committed to minimising and improving our impact on the environment. We work hard to minimise our CO2 emissions, also called a carbon footprint, in the many markets we serve. This means measuring our CO2 emissions and implementing new processes to reduce them, focusing on transport, equipment, and re-using materials. 

Eden Springs were the first in the water cooler industry to offset its carbon emissions, becoming certified as Carbon Neutral. Since 2007 we have been funding sustainability projects through the Carbon Neutral organisation.

Other actions:

  • Minimising transport use by optimising delivery routes and frequency.  Part of the fleet we use are eco-friendly, for example electric vehicles are used for delivery in several city centres
  • Reducing energy consumption by offering a selection of Energy Star certified water coolers and coffee machines.
  • Minimising the use of plastic materials by re-using our 18litre water bottles up to 50 times before recycling them 
  • Providing options for Fair Trade coffee and biodegradable cups
  • We constantly seek ways to become more eco-friendly and to encourage others - for example we recycle cups and use e-billing to cut paper consumption.


Giving Something Back

We support organisations who make a measurable difference to the health and well-being of individuals and communities. We measure the effectiveness of our donations so that we are delivering real change, and not just ticking a box.

Local communities

It’s a priority to give back to communities in which we operate, especially those in need. We help in a variety of ways, like financial support for local charities, providing employment for people with disabilities, and free drinking water for fundraising or sports events.

Global charities

We care about people in less-privileged regions than ours. We support communities that lack fresh, healthy drinking water and help children who lack access to education. Through People Help People – One World, we help communities in Central Africa with drinking water projects, housing, basic health services and education. 




With more than 20 years’ experience, we have mastered the essentials that matter to your organisation and employees - great-tasting, high-quality water and coffee, and reliable service.  Over 1 million customers across Europe trust us for home and office water and coffee solutions.

Expertise in products

At Eden Springs the quality of our water is paramount. Whether it’s bottled from one of our carefully selected sources or filtered from your mains supply our ISO accredited processes and highly trained technicians make sure the water in your cup is hygienic and meets all local and EU requirements. Our coffee and coffee machines are carefully chosen from the best brands and leading manufacturers.

Expertise in excellent service

We believe the best way we can serve you is to understand your concerns and provide a profdessional solution that meets your requirements. Listening to you, our customers, is our highest priority. If that means redesigning a process or a product – fine! With over 20 years experience we have develped our water cooler and office coffee machine packages to be completely flexible and tailored to your needs. We provide value for money offering the best products and the best prices. Our professional team will help to guide you through the options available to you, providing you with a water and/ or coffee solution that meets your business needs. 

Our 5 customer promises are designed to make sure you have the service you expect – all day, every day.

  • Professional installation of equipment 
  • Product satisfaction we even offer a risk free 7 Days Guarantee 
  • The highest level of hygiene 
  • On-time bottled water delivery - we will schedule in a delivery based around your needs
  • Should you have any technical needs, we will be there for you

Expertise in promoting well-being

You care about your employees’ well-being at work. So do we!

  • Over the last 20 years, we have been improving the health and well-being of millions of employees and customers by providing the best drinking water and coffee solutions
  • Did you know that helping employees stay hydrated with fresh, healthy drinking water is one of the most cost-efficient ways to a healthier and more productive workforce?
  • High-quality drinking water improves well-being by lowering the risk of chronic disease, reducing health-related expenses and improving morale
  • Delicious fresh brewed coffee in the workplace delights employees and customers. They appreciate the gesture and feel more loyal. Coffee is also known for boosting energy and so improving productivity



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