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As the UK's leading water cooler supplier, we're fully accredited and hold memberships with the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) and British Water Cooler Association (BWCA). This requires us to ensure that every aspect of our operations meets the high standards required and we continue to delivery only the best quality water. We're even members of the Royal Warrant Association, supplying great tasting water to the Prince of Wales.


British Water Cooler Association

We're executive board members of the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) who plays a key role in maintaining industry integrity and product quality. One of the conditions of membership of the BWCA is that we allow independent NSF accredited auditors to conduct audits on our bottling plants and service centres, checking everything from our bottling process to pot holes in our car park! All Eden operational staff undergo a regular Hygiene Awareness Certificated BWCA course.


Watercoolers Europe

We're members of WE - Watercoolers Europe, formerly the European Bottled Watercooler Assocation (EBWA), who are the leading association for the European bottled and point-of-use water cooler industry. They ensure the highest standards of quality in both product and service in what is one of the best regulated service sector industries in Europe.


International Bottled Water Association

We're members of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) through the Watercoolers Europe (WE). The IBWA was founded in 1982 and currently has over 1,200 member companies. The IBWA rigorously enforces continually improving standards of operation worldwide – standards that we continually achieve and exceed.

European Drinking Water Cooler Association
European Point-of-Use Drinking Water Association

European Drinking Water Cooler Association

We're members of the European Drinking Water Cooler Association, formerly the European Point-of-Use Drinking Water Association. The EDWCA helps to promote, develop and maintain the highest standards of hygiene, safety and ethics within the European point-of-use (more commonly known as plumbed-in or mains-fed) drinking water industry to the benefit of customers.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral ® company and product certification

As the UK market leader we have also become the first low-carbon water cooler company in the UK to achieve CarbonNeutral® company and product certification, completed in partnership with the CarbonNeutral Company. Based upon a comprehensive, carbon-reducing full life cycle assessment – unlike some carbon offsetting programmes, we have worked with Swiss experts Quantis International to analyse and improve all areas of our business, from transport through to customer behaviour.