Eden Unlimited Mains-Fed Water Coolers

Eden Unlimited is Eden Springs Better Range. Featuring a stylish LED-lit drinks tray this cool & modern mains-fed cooler is ideal for any office.


0 - 20
20 - 50
50 - 100
100 +
  • Small BusinessSmall Office
  • Medium BusinessMedium Office
  • Cold WaterCold
  • Ambient Water OptionAmbient
  • Hot WaterHot

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Eden Unlimited - Better Range

Mains-Fed Water Cooler from 65p* per day

Employers who provide a water cooler demonstrate they care about their employees’ well-being. It’s a simple gesture, highly visible and appreciated by employees and visitors. Mains-fed water coolers are perfect for high water consumption sites where style and reliability are key.

  • Cool modern mains-fed cooler design ideal for any office
  • Features include stylish LED-lit drinks tray
  • 100% recyclable Eden Filter System
  • Multifunctional and easy to use
  • Environmentally responsible with recyclable technology
  • Fixed costs

*Price includes Cooler Rental plus Bi-Annual Sanitisation


We are the UK’s largest water cooler company and our range of mains-fed water coolers provide unlimited filtered and chilled water for all workplaces*. Offering fixed costs, no bottle storage and no deliveries. If you have access to tap water and prefer set costs, the state-of-the-art Eden Unlimited mains-fed water cooler is the perfect solution. It's easy to use, stylish, and provides an unlimited supply of clean water using the environmentally friendly Eden Filter system developed with the world’s leading provider to remove any chlorine or unwanted tastes and odours. It's not just an attractive plumbed in water cooler; the real difference is on the inside! It's the most hygienic, purified and chilled water you'll find in the Eden range.

  • Energy efficient cooler technology
  • Free delivery and installation (up to 1m from a suitable power socket/ up to 5m of micro-bore tubing supplied)
  • Uses direct chill technology
  • Environmentally conscious - 100% recyclable eden filter system™
  • Water Capacity: 20ltr per hour
  • Hot Water Capacity: 12ltr (90ºC) per hour
  • Reservoir Type: Direct Chill
  • Sanitisation: Regular scheduled sanitisation
  • Water Temperature Chilled: 3-10ºC Hot: 86-93ºC
  • Cup Dispenser: Integrated
  • Power Chilling: 120W Heating: 550W
  • Floorstanding Dimensions: (mm) 350 (w) x 330 (d) x 1200 (h)
  • Desktop Dimensions: (mm) 350 (w) x 330 (d) x 450 (h)


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