Drinking Water Fountain

The Drinking Water Fountain has durable push button operated Bubbler and Glass Filler Faucets. It is connected to the mains water supply. Installing a Carbon Block Filter removes the Chlorine taste. The Water Fountain needs to be connected to a waste trap, via a flexible waste pipe.

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  • Medium BusinessMedium Office
  • Large BusinessLarge Office
  • Cold WaterCold

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  • Adjustable Push button Bubbler and Faucet
  • High Capacity – 26 Litres per hour
  • Robust construction with polished stainless steel finish
  • Fan assisted condenser with side venting(Better for mounting against walls)
  • Supplied with extendable 3 metre waste hose
  • Optional cowling - Cowling securely hides the working parts, creating a safe and closed machine - this is for Bream compliancy - Schools, Hospitals etc...
  • Optional pumped waste
  • Machine dimensions (mm): 305 (w) x 1015 (h) x 305 (d)
  • Weight (empty): 25.6Kg
  • Water Flow Control: Bubbler and Glass Filler are adjustable
  • Cabinet: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Bracket: Wall Bracket available separately
  • Refrigeration System: Non toxic, non flammable R134a refrigerant
  • Cooling System & Cooling Capacity: Direct Chill 26 litre per hour to 10°C from incoming water temperatureof 20°C and a room temperature of 30°C
  • Compressor & Condenser: 1/6 hp, power 190w. Fan assisted condenser. Side Vented
  • Bracket: Wall Bracket available separately
  • Temperature control: 10°C - 20°C